After the fire

After the wildfire in Portugal. Fundraiser for rebuilding the water system.

UPDATE: Thanks to all of your lovely support and donations enough money was raised, and reconstruction work has begun. 

The water system will be set up differently than before, because the pond on the land that was previously used as a spring is still heavily contaminated with ash from the fire; the water therefore currently unusable. A hopefully rainy winter will purify the water. Water captures with a capacity of 50,000 litres have now been purchased, from which the water will then be collected in a new deposit and from there distributed across the land through pipes yet to be laid.

Unfortunately, there was another disaster: during a storm, one of the large water bags with around 7,000 litres of water in it was blown down into the valley and it has not yet been possible to get it back up again.

So, there are still challenges to overcome – but thanks to your support, things are continuing and we are confident that the water supply on the land will soon be restored.
(Status: 23.11.23)

The great forest fire here in Portugal this week has killed countless trees and now many people are facing existential problems.

Dear friends of mine, Mik and Reiny, have been affected. Their home land is situated in the middle of the burnt area and they now need help to make it livable again. Please read the article, watch the photos, and support them with a donation! Every amount, small or large, helps! If we all stand together, all that seems almost impossible alone can be managed well.

At the moment of evacuation

Raised of 5,000 € target - updated: 29.09.23 - THANK YOU!!!

5,000 €

A huge fire, with devastating effects on the landscape and the existence of very many people. An area of more than 12,500 hectares was in flames; with temperatures above 40°C and strong winds, the fire continued to spread for several days before the fire brigade, which was deployed day and night with more than 1,000 men, hundreds of vehicles and 10 fire-fighting aircraft, managed to get it under control.

The fire brigade, called bombeiros here, does an incredibly good job and they really do their best to save people’s dwellings.

On my friends’ land two people have been living permanently for about a year, plus sometimes more, sometimes less others, who stayed temporarily. I also lived here several times during this last year, in a tent, in a bus.

Building up a self-sustained life and a community … … anyone who has ever done something like this knows about all the many challenges and how much it takes.

Hard work, day after day, a lot of love and all the money that was there has gone into the project this year – and a lot has already been built.

What was previously an overgrown site with a ruin on it has become a home. The ruin a habitable house, many beautiful sites for vans, tents, caravans, yurts, … have been levelled, structures for water and electricity created, a vegetable garden as well as fruit trees have been planted .. to name just a few of the great changes that have been brought about there.

Here are a few impressions, before and after the fire:

The valley before the fire
Valley before the fire
After the fire
Valley after the fire
The forest of silence before the fire
Silent Forest before
After the fire
Silent Forest after
Under the oaks, before the fire
Under the oaks - before the fire
After the fire
Under the oaks - after the fire
Water deposit, before the fire
Water deposit before the fire
After the fire
No more water deposit after the fire
People's forest, before the fire
People's Forest before the fire
After the fire
People's Forest after the fire

The dwellings of the residents, a permanent house and a caravan with an awning, miraculously survived the fire. The house unharmed, caravan and tent slightly damaged. The solar installations also remained intact.

However, the entire water system was destroyed. Burnt, melted. In such a hot, dry area as here, offgrid, in the campo, a good 20 minutes’ drive from the nearest town, water is essential. For the people, the animals, and to irrigate the plants. The vegetable garden and fruit trees were also spared from the fire, but will no longer be salvageable without water.

In order to make the land habitable again and to be able to continue living there, the water system needs to be rebuilt. I. e., a new pump, which pumps up the water from the natural small lake, at a low-lying point of the land. The cables to operate the pump. Many many metres of pipes to transport the water over the land. A new water deposit. Plus all kinds of connections, taps, filters …

In addition, some repairs are necessary to make the caravan and tent winter- and rain-proof again.

The costs for this are estimated at 5,000 euros.

As enough money has been raised now – thank you all so much! – i will delete the donation links here now.

Despite all the destruction and the associated feelings of grief – what touched me most this week was (and is) this incredible togetherness here. Everyone helped. So many continue to help.

The many firefighters had to be supplied with water and food. Obviously, this could not be done by the official side, and so the population here took over. Everyone gave what they could. Drinking water (2000 to 3000 litres per day), juices, snacks, food, money were donated. From the mostly really poor population here. Cafés cooked and provided meals for the firefighters, and, afterwards, also for the people who lost their houses. Within the strong community here, sleeping places were provided, clothes and other material items were collected for those who lost everything in the fire. And so on ….

And this is how it should be. How life is meant to work. We are all here together. Here to support each other. 

Thank you for being with us!

Thank you for your support!

Much love

Raised of 5,000 € target - updated: 29.09.23 - THANK YOU!!!

5,000 €

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