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Embracing what is

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There is so much healing happening right now, inside of me & for the whole world, all of us. We are all in this together, connected, as we have always been. Now so many more begin to really feel this, on so many levels.

It’s been a while since my last post here; life went fast, so let’s start with a short update of where i am and what is happening in my life right now:

We, my daughter and me, have been travelling in southeast Asia since end of january. Thailand and Vietnam, now back in Thailand. Actually, this week we were supposed to be in Japan, yet our flights got cancelled last minute, and we only found out when arriving for check-in at the airport, in the middle of the night.
Our flights back to Europe got cancelled, too. So i decided to head southwards, to finally see back the sea. Staying here now, staying with me & each other.

We found a room, there is enough food everywhere around, it’s warm, people are friendly and helpful.

I have no idea how all this will go on, how my life, my journey will go on. Yet this is a quite familiar feeling in this free and unsteady nomad life i have been living for so many years now. Maybe we will be allowed to extend our stay? Maybe we will find an affordable flight back to Europe. Maybe i will get some money back for the flights that have been cancelled. We will see.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”
― Eckhart Tolle

My heart is filled with trust, i am really calm – well, most of the time 😉 . All is good exactly the way it is. I am exactly where i am meant to be.
And above all, i am feeling such a flood of love – do you feel it, too?

Breathing. Trusting in what is, trusting in me. Trusting in life & love. Connecting – inside & outside.

This is the time to heal. For each of us, for all of us, for our world. On all levels.

Healing isn’t always comfortable or easy. It might come with pain or fear. As with physical healing crisis: i trust in myself! I trust in love. I know i, we!, can do this! I trust in all of us. Those who have given birth, know: you need to breathe, go with what’s happening, don’t resist, let go.

So, let’s take good care of ourselves & our loved ones. Ground, breathe, relax. Stay in this moment. Live day by day, moment by moment. Making plans right now, seems senseless. Thoughts about the future, even the next days or weeks, might be frightening – i allow myself to feel what’s coming up, while safely grounded in my here & now. Because right now, in this very moment, all is good!

Remember: you are safe! You are loved!

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