Fruit Paradise

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The vision of a better world. For all earthlings.

Choose fruit to nourish your body – that is the only way! Best for your karma. Fruit is the only food on earth given to you completely free. Pure love. All you need.

Everything else includes death, damage or destruction of other life forms. Animals are killed, imprisoned, suffer for men’s gluttony. Cultivation of grains, potatoes etc destroys the living spaces of countless species. Even consumption of seeds and nuts prevents the genesis of new life these seeds are meant for. With harvesting roots you kill the entire plant. Harvesting greens though can at least be done in a careful and loving way, to keep the plant alive. Yet, it is causing damage, too.

‘Whatever you to do the least of my brothers, you do to me’ – Jesus

Everything we do, good or bad, loving or harming, comes back to us. We are all connected.

Eating fruit to nourish your body does not require counting, measuring, calculating calories and nutrients. All this is based on a lack of trust. Nature provides us with all we need … as long as we let her. Follow her ways. Live natural, live simple.

Live and let live. Eat when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty, sleep when you are tired.
Live and let live.

A beautiful vision. How can we create it, in the framing of our mostly not natural life styles and environments?

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