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Gratitude! Feeling endlessly blessed

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Maybe you have seen it, at Instagram or Facebook: i moved on to the next place in my nomadic life. And feeling endlessly blessed, rich .. so grateful, i hardly find the words to express my feelings. Life is good! ALWAYS providing me with what i need.

During the months passed, i enjoyed a quite simple lifestyle, not very much comfort (like only one room for everything, sharing it with my daughter, no bath, no kitchen, no tap water, no shower, no fridge … very fast internet connection though 😉 ). And, more than this, i faced several challenges: an energy i experienced as challenging, from the first moment. Living on a building site, between lots of rubbish everywhere. Almost no privacy. Beauty that could only be found in details amongst this all. Not enough sun/warmth/blue skies for my needs, and, mainly, the killing of the young goats right in front of my eyes. It has been a time to learn, to grow. To widen my heart and stretch my capacity to love. To love what is. Not to close my heart towards people even though they are doing things that make me hurt. To stay focussed and in love.

Even more grateful i am now, at this new place. Such an amazing energy, i experienced as magical, wonder-full, intense, from the first moment i came here. Visiting this place for the first time, several weeks ago, i knew i wanted to come here.
So now i am here. Arrived. Enjoying the energy. The abundance. The climate. The sunsets. The seaview. The beauty surrounding me. Lovely people, lovely dogs. And, besides, a comfort that is “normal” to most of you reading this; yet i am experiencing it as luxury: tap water, shower, toilets. A bedroom for my own. Fridge and washing machine.

May these photos show all this even better than my words. Make you see the gratitude i feel, and need to share. Thank you for reading, btw 😉

What are you grateful for in your life, these days?

Right in front of my door

Evening sky

Sea view

In my kitchen

In my kitchen

Beauty next to my door

… some more evening sky

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