Happy new year! Go raw now! This is your chance to improve your diet!

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Xīnnián kuàilè! (新年快乐) – Happy New Year!

Yesterday, chinese new year has begun. It’s a year of the pig. As i somehow missed western New Year celebrations here in my blog, and as i feel much more drawn to celebrate chinese (and buddhists’) new year – let’s celebrate now!

Do you want to change your diet this year? Start to implement new healthy habits, like better eating, in your every day life?

I am here to help you doing so! Inspire you, support you. And today, i have a special gift for you: use the coupon below to get 10% off on my ebooks!

But before we’ll get to recipes and practical questions, remember this: instead of choosing to eat 100% raw from now on and then feel like failing with your first bite of something not raw and cancelling the whole project, better choose to treat yourself, your body, your soul with love. Each day, each moment. This is not about rules. It’s about making a decision. About committing to love yourself and take good care for your body. Based on this love, you’ll make your (food) decisions anew in each moment. If you ate something that made you feel bad – be grateful, learn from it, forgive yourself (you did the best you can!), and go on. Making your next choice based on love again, not on the feeling of having failed.

So, to make it somewhat easier you, to support you, i am sharing here lots of inspirations, recipes, articles, ideas about my way of eating and living, about my raw vegan free lifestyle. I’ll be happy to answer your questions – just contact me, if you need more help!

When transitioning to a raw diet, or also if you want to change your raw diet, improve it, having yummy and easy recipes can be a big help! I came up with my recipe ebooks during the last 9 years, starting with my my 4th year of eating raw (it’s almost 13 yrs now … and it never gets boring, i never missed anything!). Though i am always coming back to certain basics in my raw food diet, the exact way i am eating has changed several times. I started with eating simple and raw, then discovered gourmet recipes, then went back to a high carb, low fat diet. There were times without fruit sugar, and lately i ate keto, i. e. lowcarb and relatively high fat, yet have been letting go for this too much fat for some months now. Still low carb, though. I’ll write about this in more detail in my next post. Just in case you are interested. 🙂

My alltime favourite and staple is greens. I love greens! Wild edibles, herbes, lettuce, spinach, kale, seaweed, broccoli, zucchini. Microgreens, too.

So, you will find recipes for simple, fruity, low- or no-fat meals. Lowfat savory dishes, too. High green recipes, sugar free recipes, low carb recipes, and ketorawvegan recipes.
What they all have in common: raw, vegan, fast and easy to prepare, made from few, simple ingredients.

Just have a look, make your choice – and add this coupon code when ordering:


You’ll get 10% off on your complete order! (Special offers excluded, minimum order 10 euros, and you can only use one coupon with one order. Coupon to be used once per person, valid until 20th february 2019.)

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