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How expensive is the raw vegan lifestyle at Tenerife?

Lately, someone asked “how much money does it take for food at Tenerife per week?” – talking about fresh, raw, vegan, organic food.

Are you interested in this, too? Then go on reading my answers here:

So how expensive is a raw vegan diet at Tenerife?

Obviously, this depends upon how much food you need 😉 … and this guy told me, he has twice my weight and is working physically, so he will probably need much more than me, working only part time physically, exercising moderately, but most of the time sitting at my computer – if i am not hiking in the mountains or lying at the beach 😉 … no, believe it or not, a digital nomad’s life in fact is more about working indoors than about doing trips and sightseeing all the time.

Anyway, here is what i bought today at the farmers market – all this is organic or at least not treated with chemicals. I also have a butternut pumpkin (did not want to be on the photo 😉 ) and 5 more zucchini in my fridge, left over from last shopping.

Raw vegan food haul farmers market - Happy Healthy Raw & Free

Carrots are for the dogs (they love their treats, made from carrots, almonds and rose hip powder – all raw, of course. In case you are interested in the recipe – ask me.)

So for me, it’s beetroot (mainly the leaves, not sure if i will eat of the roots), zucchini, lettuce, prickly pears, dragonfruit, figs. Plums and peaches are one more optimistic try … mostly, they are harvested to early and not ripe enough for me. Though they are grown regionally.

I also have lots of homegrown sprouts, microgreens, grass juice powder, spirulina and dried seaweed.

Maybe i will spread some hemp seeds over my zoodles one day, but i am not really into fats these days.

One day, i will have nicecream – there is a small bag with frozen banana in the freezer.

So, this is what i will need for one week.

Are there all these fruits and veggies available all around the year?

What is offered varies around the year, of course. Mainly regarding sweet fruit. Now in summer, we also have melons, watermelons, and mango. Bananas will be available around the year, same with papaya – but the latter ones are best in spring/early summer. Later in the year, we will have cherimoyas, kakis, starfruit, pomegranate. Avocados are in season in winter (although you can get some now, too.) Just to name some examples.

Most of the veggies are available around the year, or in 3-months-intervals. In winter, there will be more lettuces and herbs; now in summer these are rare.

How much do i pay for my food per week?

For what you see above, including the pumpkin, i payed less then 20 euros. It’s all fresh, local, organic, seasonal. Most expensive are the dragonfruits, they sell for 4 euros per kilo, and the three on the photo are about 1.5kg.

Stuff like spirulina, barley grass powder, dried seaweeds, and so on, are about the same prices as in Germany, France, Portugal or Belgium … slight differences between all these, but more or less the same prices.

Seeds for sprouts and microgreens are slightly more expensive here, but not very much.

I buy some of all these at my local healthstore; the owner is very helpful and always willing to order special products i am asking for – but it might take some time.

Some things i cannot get here, i get shipped from Germany (or other regions). Like sproutable buckwheat, e. g. – i order it in 5kg bags, as the daughter loves sprouted buckwheat for breakfast.

If you feel you need raw “junk”, like bars, chocolates, crackers etc. – you might find some, especially in Santa Cruz (Tenerife’s capital), but they are far from being present in every healthstore, like e. g. in Germany.

If you are looking for recipes to enjoy all these, have a look at my recipe ebooks – here.

Summer Raw Food Tenerife: Figs

Summer Raw Food Tenerife: Prickly Pears

Summer Raw Food Tenerife: Dragon Fruit

Summer Raw Food Tenerife: Zucchini

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