High Green Low Fat Raw Vegan Living Foods Dinner

How to stay happy, healthy, raw & free for 13 years (or forever)

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’ll never get bored of greens 💚

Do you enjoy your meals? I so appreciate this way of nourishing my body!

Rawvegan for more than 13.5 yrs now, and it does not feel like i’d ever want to go back to cooked food.

Though the details of my diet may vary, what really works for me is eating highgreen, lowfat, living foods. Combined in simple meals or mono.

I love sweet fruit, too, but don’t feel like eating them all the time anymore.

I did ketorawvegan for one year .. but could only stay in ketosis with 20g carbs maximum per day, which worked fine for some time, but not longterm.

I’ll possibly do it again for shorter periods of time.

What i regard to be the most important aspect in order to happily stick with a healthy diet: i focus on following my body’s needs. Same with my heart and soul’s needs, talking about all the other aspects of this amazing journey here.

Plus, embracing and gratefully going through any processes of detoxification (on all levels) plays an important role in the game. I’ll write about this in another article soon.

I so enjoy this beautiful ride. Not only the diet part 😉💖

Tell me about your raw food journey! What works for you, what is making you happy? I’d love to read your comment on this![/vc_column_text]

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