Is cooked food bad for you?

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People use to ask me if some cooked food every now and then is bad. Or the state, that a little bit of cooked food won’t harm them, as long as it is not much, and/or is a simple meal, homemade from fresh produce. Others claim that you can eat and drink whatever you want, that “everything” is okay, as long as you enjoy it in moderation. This “everything” might contain alcoholic drinks, animal products, sugar, industrial food …

So – what is my answer to this question?

I believe that cooked food actually IS bad for you!. How harmful, however, depends upon what and how you will cook and eat.

When fed with cooked food, our body will react in the same way as when confronted with pathogenic germs. It will fight what is coming in by increasing the number of white blood cells. Showing, imho, that it does not want this kind of food.

When returning to cooked food after some time of eating 100% raw, almost everybody seems to experience reactions like mucus, stomach ache, eczema, low energy, illness, restlessness, anxiety etc.

The fact that you don’t experience these while being used to eating cooked food on a daily basis, does not mean that your body is happy with it. It only learned to tolerate it – and does its cleansing by those “normal” infections, like common colds every now and then. If these are not enough to keep the body clean and healthy (and it will not be, as long as you keep eating cooked food etc), it will develop more serious diseases, you will only become aware of many years later.

Besides those physical effects, cooked food will lower your vibration. You will feel less light, less blissful. Cooked food will numb you, and it can cause anxiety, depression, worriedness. You will probably only become of these effect when going back to cooked after a long time living on a 100% raw vegan diet.

So, anything raw is healthy, isn’t it?

No. Just because being labeled “raw” does not guarantee that this food is good for your health. The ideal constitutional diet, would be, so i believe, to eat nothing but fresh food, freshly harvested from untouched nature (like in the jungle). Or, at least, to eat as much wild food (wild herbs, wild fruit, roots, tree leaves) as possible, and add produce from your own garden (or the farmer you really trust), grown in fresh air, good soil, without any chemicals applied. Fruit, greens, vegetables. Mainly GREENS!!! Fresh nuts and seeds, too, during their season (autumn).

Highly processed products like agave nectar, raw bars etc. are not healthy! Though they might be less harmful than their equivalents from the supermarket, i believe them to be less healthy then slightly steamed fresh vegetables e. g.

Isn’t mankind adapted to cooked food, after having eaten it for so many thousands of years?

Yes. We are. Adaptation to cooked food includes caries, diabetes, heart and vascular disease, gout, … 😉

So what is the worth of a healthy diet if i am exposed to that many toxins from my surroundings which i cannot avoid?

There are several studies showing, that your diet is more powerful than other environmental influence, and will even beat your genes when it comes to diseases running in the family. Even more powerful is our psyche, when working mentally on our health. Yet, following a healthy diet might be the easier way to start with. A vegan raw diet will at the same time support your mental and psychic health, increase your awareness etc, while cooked food, even simple meals, will numb your spirit and mind.

How much raw food does it take to become and stay healthy?

This might be a question everyone will have to find out for themselves. Starting with, what does “being healthy” mean for you? Many – including me before i went raw – regard themselves as being healthy with the “normal”
discomfort of getting a flu once or twice the year, headaches or indigestion every now and then, bad mood, etc.
This is normal, isn’t it? No, it isn’t! I experienced headaches only three times after transitioning to raw, each time as a consequence of an acute intoxication, like inhaling smoke from people around or something like this. No cold, no flu, for 13 years now. A runny nose might occur after having some mucus forming food, breathing polluted air or anything similar, and will stop after some hours. So, my personal standard for being healthy has changed a lot!

How to practice a healthy natural diet in this not-natural-at-all world?

Choose the best you can get! What feels best for you. Better wild food instead of hybrid fruit. But better hybrid fruit than bread or pasta 😉 … and, above all: keep it easy! We eat to live, not vice versa!

Worry less, eat less, and enjoy your life – each moment!

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