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Do you have a goal, a dream you want to live? And do you feel like not being able to even get closer, or losing track again and again?

Like living a free live, travelling, eating healthy, a happy family, a community to grow and learn together … what are you dreaming of?

Imagine you knew you had only 5 years left to live. Or 5 months. What would you do with your precious time remaining? Think, or better: feel about this! It might be scary. Your mind will maybe try to draw aside, to avoid uncomfortable emotions coming up. Don’t stop, though. Find out, what you REALLY want to do with this life. Or, better, what you really WANT to live.

Is it your dreams? The things you imagine to fulfill you? Like travelling, community, a mate, family, money, your dream house, your dream job, … ? Or, is it something else, something deeper, something hidden in your dream? Like the need to feel free, or safe, or both, the need to feel loved? The need to finally feel good enough, to be of value?

Of course there is nothing wrong with having dreams like the above mentioned. Nor with aiming to realize them. It’s wishes and dreams like these leading us through life. Showing us the path to finding out what we are here for. What we really want to live, learn, experience.

Some paths may turn out as meanders … but there is nothing like “a wrong path”. Each step we take is important for us.

Do you know the brilliant book “Neverending story” by Michael Ende? And i am talking about the book, forget about the movie, please, and read the book! It’s something totally different!

It is following his wishes, superficial ones in the beginning, yet on his journey getting deeper, closer to what he really wants, that lead Bastian, the main character of the story, to finding his true self.

Yet, he only starts to question his wishes, to dig deeper to find out what it is he REALLY wants, as soon as he realizes that he is forgetting who he really is, piece by piece, with each wish coming true.

In our lives, remembering who we really are often is hidden very deep inside of us, too. Underneath lots of false wishes … i. e. those who are not connected to our true self. At least as long as we don’t start to question them. Sooner or later, we all will see, that having money, a mate, a nice house or whatever will not make us happy. Yet all these dreams, and working towards them, will get us closer to seeing what we really need and want in life.

So, what we have to do is following the road of our dreams. Seeing where it will get us. Looking for what we really want.

I don’t believe that the number of wishes we have is limited. Yet, our time in this life may be limited.
As Buddha said: “The problem is, we think we have time.”

In hinduism, they say that each baby is born with a limited amount of breaths. Are you wasting your breath? Or do you make each breath count?

On Instagram today, i read the sentence “If you don’t do what you love, you are wasting your time.”

True … but not the whole truth. Imho. Because it’s not about only doing what you love from now on, letting go of everything else. But to learn to love what you are doing. Everything. Let go of judgement. Do your work, all your tasks, with an approach of love and gratitude. Knowing, that what you’re doing right now, is absolutely right for you. Is what you need in this moment. Starting this way, you’ll end up only doing what you love, one day. Because the real waste of time is to not love!

The opposite of love is fear

Not working towards our dreams, or starting again and again and falling of the track again and again … who does not know this? We are losing our courage, or the focus on our goal. Taking refuge in our comfort zone – which might not make us happy but at least does not frighten us, as it is what we are familiar with.

All this is based on fear. Happening whenever our fear gets bigger than our love. The fear of not being good enough. The fear to only be of value and loveable as soon as we will be good enough. Good enough being defined through what we were taught from childhood on.
It can also be scary to finally see how great and wonderful we REALLY are. To be scared to reach our goals … because we are not worthy.

What would you do if you knew you had only 5 months left? – meditate about this. Ask this to your angels, the universe, the god you believe in – and then, just listen. Wait for the answer. Don’t THINK about it … because otherwise you might end up with some superficial wishes again, and with the stress, caused by still not being where you THINK you want to be.

But – what if the answer coming in IS something like travelling, or other things you enjoy? Then follow this! Do the first step. Try to realize whatever you can. Start with what is possible for you right now.

I will give you an example: Two years ago, i had a very clear vision of how i want my life to be.
One important part of this vision was (and is) a van. A travel van, not a big camper, but big enough for me to live in it, travel with it, and to run my mobile rawfood café from it. I am getting closer to this in my way, and yes, it’s taking time, and i have stumbled and lost focus several times, and i am okay with it. I am getting
ahead, with each step. With the van, that hopefully will materialize in my life one day, as well with getting closer to myself and what i truely want to live and experience.

And maybe, it is not about reaching our goals anyway, but about the journey.

As to the van, and the café, i instantly started to live this dream two years ago. My “van” still being my amazing old vw golf, plus a small tent. And offering my café on markets in Portugal and enjoying it sooo much!

Don’t be afraid to waste your wishes, or your time. Above all, don’t fear to make mistakes. There are none, as long as you are following your heart. Even if you feel like having lost yourself. Maybe this is what we all need to experience at least once. Losing, forgetting, our learned self completely, getting to know ourself anew, and trusting in life to refind who we truely are.

Never forget: you are good, the way you are! You are of value for this world, simply by being you. And you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Your whole life is made for you, to help you. You can approach life with resistence and the attempt to control it, or with gratitude and surrender. You choose.

Lots of light and courage for you!

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