One Day. Or Day One. You Decide.

One Day. Or Day One. You Decide.

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One day i will send out my inspiration mails at time each sunday. (Not monday, or tuesday, or maybe next week again.)

For two years now i intend to make a new videoone day i will do.

Working on three ebooks for months now … – one day i will finish and publish them.

For two years now, a dream living inside of me for many more years has become a clear vision. I have tons of ideas to realize this, and have actually been working on it since then. Getting closer and most of the time feeling to be on the right path. Yet, there are still some ideas i have not even touched … waiting for this “one day”, when time will be right. When i will be ready.

One day i will finally travel southeast asia.
And Central America.
Visit my friend in Australia.

The list for “One day” is long.

Having been self employed for almost 17 years now, i actually am quite well organized in my everyday tasks and my web-work. I am able to plan and have enough self-discipline to follow these plans. Why is it so hard to stay on task with MY projects? They are my REAL work. Action, born from my being. Doing what my heart wants to do.

So – why am i not just doing it?

On one hand (mainly), because life is so colourfull and filled with inspiration, and i use to live the moment, act on my impulses. And that way often lose focus within the abundance of new ideas coming up.

On the other hand, i am procrastinating. Postponing to begin. Writing, though, neither here in the blog nor anywhere else, is not annoying and does not feel like an obligation at all. It’s fulfilling me. It’s making me happy to share what lives inside of me. To share my truth, my thoughts, my questions. And, hopefully, to inspire others.
At the same time, it is challenging. Each time anew. Sometimes harder, sometimes easier – depending on what i am writing about. To show up. Honest, open. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. No walls, no glory.

“One day”

I suppose you are familiar with these feelings. When it comes to living your dreams, to changing your habits – it is “one day”. And this one day never seems to come closer. Procrastinating again and again … because of fear. Insecurity. I might fail. I might make mistakes. Be laughed about. Is what i have to share of any importance for anyone? Is the calling of my heart important enough to follow, to prioritize?

YES, yes, yes! I want to encourage you (and my self) to do so! Do what makes your heart happy! Follow your soul’s calling, your inner knowing. Live what you feel is right in this moment (it may change, or develop, but that should not stop you. You can decide anew in each moment.)
Big things, and small things. Do the best you can. You don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to go the whole way today. Simply start. Do the first step.

You can settle with “One day.” Or declare today as “Day One”. You decide!

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