Wilder Rucola, Platterbsen, Malve, Fenchel

Perfection, Abundance & Beauty in Nature. Wild Edibles.

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Wild edibles, herbs and fruit, are the best, most powerful, most healing food mother nature is providing us with! And they are almost everywhere available, even in your area. You might have to move a bit farer than to the supermarket around the corner, but chances are that you will find a place close enough to your place to go and get your wild greens on a regular basis.

Here, in the south of Tenerife, it is hot and dry, and there is not too much growing here. Natives call it the “malpaís”, the bad land, for that reason. But only half an hour away, up in the north, up in the mountains, where temperature is lower and it is much more humid, there is an abundance of wild greens to find. Especially now in spring. Look what i found there today:

Wild rocket, sweet pea, mallow, wild fennel

Geranium and sweet pea blossom

Campanula (?)

Rhus typhina (“vinegar tree”)

In german: Senfkraut (could not find the english name)



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