One Year With My Rawfood Café Project

Our paths do not always unfold as we imagined when we set out. The experience of not being able to live one’s dream in the form or at the time we had envisioned can bring a lot of disappointment, sadness, anger, feelings of failure, and so on. This is okay and fine to be felt – but it absolutely does not mean that there is something wrong with us, that the dream has failed, or even that we should give up on our dreams.

I can only ever live my dream in this moment anyway. All of life takes place now, only in this moment. Not sometime in the future, not in the past.

I still don’t have my van. The amount of donations has continued to grow in the last few months – it keeps going, mostly in baby steps. And at the same time I am LIVING my dream, my vision. Just as I have been doing for years: Now. Here. With what is there right now.

  • The greatest miracle of this winter for me: a dear friend lent me his bus for the winter. He gave me so much joy with it; it is such happiness for me to be on the road again. How much I had missed it! It is like coming home for me. In the past few weeks, I’ve been doing some shorter trips in the north of Germany. Now I’m heading more southwards … to the sun, to the sea, … and to possibly finding my own van on the way.
  • At the same time, it gives me the opportunity to further clarify my ideas about my van. The one I’ve borrowed now is a T4, with normal height. So far I want one that has a comfortable standing height – but maybe it will work? Originally I also thought that a T4 would be far too small for me to live in permanently – but maybe it isn’t?
  • Due to lack of facilities, I won’t really be able to uncook on the road, but I have a few prepared raw delicacies on board … and I’m happy about encounters along the way and people on the way whom I can delight with them.
  • By the way, for everyone else, my latest recipe eBook has just been finished: full of new, delicious sweet treats that have been created in the café over the last few months. You can get the eBook “Wintersüß” here for a donation. Up to now, the recipes are only available in german language. Please let me know if you are interested in an english version of the book!
  • During the last months I have also been living my raw food café in a more stationary way, sharing my raw food creations with people around me as well as sending them around the world by mail – to people in Germany and other European countries who would like to have some of my products. To be able to share what brings me joy and to delight others with it as well – it feels so good! Whether it is my written words or my raw food creations prepared with much love.
    It has indeed brought me a lot of joy, and I will perhaps offer it again. At the same time, it showed me that a mail-order business is certainly not what I want to live on a daily basis.
  • By the way, the sometimes very generous donations for the shipping of my raw delicacies have first contributed to the fact that I could also send packages to people who actually had no money to spare. And second, they also continued to support the van project.

Conclusion: The travelling raw food café is alive; I live it and continue on my way.

And I continue to ask for your support in the form of a donation if you haven’t donated yet – or want to do so again. I know that money feels very tight for many people right now, but every little amount helps me.

Thank you from all of my heart to all donors and to everyone who downloads my eBooks for a donation!


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