Sweetener in a raw vegan ketogenic diet

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You have chosen to eat ketogenic/lowcarb, or to follow the Hippokrates diet, or you simply want to reduce your fruit intake and are looking for alternatives to sweeten your food? Then this post is for you!

The sweet taste makes us feel comfortable. Is calming and harmonizing. A raw diet based on sweet fruit comes with lots of natural sweetness, due to the sugars contained. Cutting out sweet fruit, e. g. because of eating raw and keto, or following the Hippokrates diet, there is no, or only very few, sweet fruit. Yet there are other possibilities to enjoy sweet meals.

So what to do if you feel like having a sweet treat, a sweet meal, a piece of cake when preferring a lowcarb diet, like i do? Eating ketogenic, sugarfree, without or with only very very few sweet fruit?

There are two aspects i want to mentioned:

Natural sweetness and your sense of taste

A lot of natural food tastes (slightly) sweet – not only high sugar fruit like dates, mangos or bananas. When transitioning from a standard diet to rawfood, you will discover such amazing natural tastes you did not know before. Yet, this may take a while for your sense of taste to give up the strong and artificial tastes you were used to.

When transitioning from a high sugar / high carb (raw) diet to a lowcarb or even sugarfree diet, it is similar. As soon as your will discover the naturals sweetness of so-called non-sweet fruit, you actually will not like very sweet fruit like dates anymore.

Yet, you still can prepare sweet treats, sweet creams, even fancy cakes, tasting sweet. And, good news, there are natural lowcarb sweeteners you can use with your ketogenic diet without taking in sugar, too much carbs, or falling off the track.

>strong>Natural sweeteners in a keto raw vegan diet

The sweetener i use, and really love, is stevia. Stevia is a plant with small green leaves that taste really sweet! You can use these fresh leaves if you are happy enough to have a stevia plant, or buy dried and pulverized stevia leaves (in rawfood quality).

This stevia powder is green. You can also buy white powder in some health stores, but this is not natural stevia anymore. It’s steviaglycosid, some kind of extract, also available as drops. For me, this is far too much processed and i only use it when preparing recipes for others that have to stay light in color (without green 😉 ).

In some recipes you will find Xylitol and/or erithrytol, both of which are low in or free of carbs, yet both are highly processed, artificial products. Me, i don’t use them and would not recommend to do so.

If you are looking for ketogenic / lowcarb sweet recipes, check out my latest ebooks! “Keto. Raw. Vegan.” and “Raw Vegan Keto Holiday Recipes.“.

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