Your Food Choices Matter

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If you want to save the environment, start off by looking at what you put in your mouth.

Whatever your diet, and whatever reasons you have for eating the foods you do, there are clear consequences to what ends up on your plate.

Vegan raw food, fruit, is not only better for your body and your karma, but actually has a positive impact on our world!

Though from the perspective of a single person our world can seem impossibly vast and abundant, its resources actually are finite.

Water, which is so critical to all life on earth, is one such resource. Earth cannot survive without water, and there are several regions on our planet lacking enough of it!

The soil we walk on seems infinite, but billions of tons of topsoil have been lost in the last 50 years due to unsustainable land management practices. We cannot save the environment if we can’t feed ourselves.

Our world is also vulnerable to toxic fungicides and pesticides which are liberally spread over crops, endangering us and polluting the earth. We can’t survive and save the environment if we continue to pollute it.

So how do the consequences of different food choices look like for our planet? It’s clear that one diet actually helps the planet, and that’s a raw, organic, fruit-based diet that also may include plenty of greens and vegetables as well as some nuts and seeds.

If we lose our topsoil, our tenure on this planet is over- It’s as simple as that. The fall of numerous mighty civilizations of antiquity can be traced to the loss of something as simple as dirt. When crisis came, these groups choose not to save the environment of their lands.

It’s absolutely clear that the single easiest thing a person can do to help save the environment is to give up meat and dairy. This will free up millions of acres now used for animal agriculture that could then be replanted with trees.

Beyond grain-based vegetarianism, a diet of raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables will actually regenerate the earth.
In terms of water, it’s clear that fruits use the least:

Jim Sloman, author of “A Global Vision,” writes, “If the earth were covered with orchards (much like Tikopia) it would be possible to feed humanity using even less water and soil while most likely greatly increasing overall health.”

He mentions Tikopia, an island settled 3,000 years ago. By 100 B.C., Tikopia was throttling towards destruction, much like the Easter Island civilization that wiped itself out by destroying its own trees. (14).

The difference is that Tikopia pulled back from the brink. Its people halted the practice of clear cutting their forests for agriculture and in its place turned the entire island into a huge fruit orchard, with dozens of fruit varieties. They even unanimously decided to slaughter all the pigs becuase it took so much food to raise them. (13)

In their own small way, they were able to save the environment, and in doing so saved themselves.

What the people of Tikopia did was brilliant.
Fruit crops yield the most usable food per acre, as well as the highest pound yield per acre, and the entire U.S. population could be fed on a quarter of the current agricultural land if they were turned into orchards.(15)

We can feed two and a half times more people with an acre of fruit trees than with an acre of grain. (15)

Its through these kind of efficiency increases that we can really start to save the environment.

“For a practical example, a mature apple tree will produce 20 bushels a year. A half acre of apple trees would yield enough fruit to provide about 115 apples, or 12,677 calories per day, more than enough to feed a person.(16). On a half acre, grains can produce 14 cups of cooked grain, or 9,583 calories a day (brown rice).(17).

Apples are an example of a low-calorie fruit at about 112 calories for a large apple. When you change the fruit to avocados, which yield 364 calories per fruit, or 41,860 caloriesper 115 fruit, you see how orchards are the superior choice for land use.”

Save the planet, eat fruit!

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