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For quite a while i have been feeling that our way of living, based on money or other ways of direct exchange prevents us from real togetherness and keeps us, or at least the most of us, in the illusion and experience of scarcity.

It’s not meant to be like this. It could be so easy. Give and receive freely. Just like nature.

Every tree gives away its fruit freely. Every flower is blossoming in her beauty. They don’t ask us to pay for it. And yet, they receive everything they need.

When we simply are and do, what we really wish to, live it, give it – we ourselves will be fullfilled and happy and will share our joy as well as our creations, our insights, our harvest, our time, … with those around us.

When each one is doing what they love, and giving what they want to give, everyone’s needs are taken care of.

Instead – we think we have to earn money, quite often doing jobs we don’t like at all. Just to be able to pay for food, a roof above our head, clothes, etc. So many are spending their lives in this rat race. Because we have been told, it has to be like this.

What do you feel? Me, i know: it doesn’t have to be like this. Not at all. This’s not us. Not our human togetherness. This is something that has been forced upon us by very few. We have allowed it – and we can stop it!

It appears to not be easy to get out of it. Deep seated fears. What, if i won’t have enough food? What if i won’t have a place to stay, if no-one will help me?

Plus the uncertainty. What am i here for? What is it that i really love, really want to do?

There is only one way out of it: go right through it. Take the leap, or go step by step. Try it out. Dare. Trust.

For each door that closes, another one will open. Sometimes it’s upon us to close the old doors. To create room for the new.

For me, it’s a journey. Exploring new paths. Often stepping back and forth between the old and the new paths. Experiencing the magic of the new – it feels so much better! So much more alive.
Yes, you will need to learn to deal with all the uncertainty. Many emotions. Fears. Joy. Trust me, it’s worth it!!!

One more step on my path: from now on, i am offering my ebooks as well as my advice and guidance completely on donation. You choose how much you want to pay. To begin, there are minimum donations for some of the ebooks – let’s see how this will evolve.

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