Happy no matter what.

Healthy body, mind, soul, heart, spirit.

Raw, real, wild, open, vulnerable, honest.
Raw vegan food.


So called peace food, crueltyfree eating, contributes to bringing more peace for all in our world. To prepare your food with love is one way of bringing more love into the world.
Love & Peace Food – that’s how i call my way of eating (& living).

Raw since 2006 … a journey that includes so much more than merely a transition of your diet. Rawfood, natural and unprocessed food, creates space for healing. For your body, soul and mind. It is leading you to a conscious life style and has the potential to free your whole being from all kinds of blockades – intoxication, conditioning, limiting beliefs. On all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Make your choice FOR LIFE.

Choose based on love – to yourself, your body, our world. To ALL.

Happy, healthy, raw, & free

As everything we consume – physically, mentally, spiritually – has an effect on us, influencing our wellbeing, our health, nourishing us (or depleting our energy), Love & Peace Food is much more than the food we eat. What is nourishing me even more:  nature, vastness/space, fresh air, sun, warmth, rest, physical activity. Creative work. And above and within all that: love.

I started this blog in 2010, my 5th year with rawfood, and it has grown a lot since then. Beyond food, i am writing about lots of other things i am engaged with. My inner journey, my life, the things i do and that make me happy, my challenges, my love for all that is.

Love & freedom, that’s what keeps me going, that’s what i live for. Living it, following my heart, trying each day and doing the best i can. In the way i am nourishing my body, mind & soul. In my whole lifestyle: living on raw vegan food, living a free nomad life, worldschooling.

Read about all this here, as well as about my spiritual journey.


I invite you to follow me on my journey!

I prefer to call my diet a living and natural diet – as these are the key elements for me. Food, as fresh as possible, full of life. The kind of food nature provided for me, for our species. Food as i would find it when living in nature.

Life in this modern world, living with children, travelling, as well as my inner journey and struggles and therefore the constant need to create a healthy balance inside of me is challenging me again and again.

Choosing my food is beyond the choice between raw or not raw. Not following any dogma, but simply my heart … and my belly 😉

Transitiong to a raw vegan diet in April 2006, i found my way of eating. The way i feel with it, so much energy, so much joy & pleasure – i don’t want to miss this again! I never, not even for a second, craved cooked food or second guessed my choice. And i am endlessly happy and grateful for this!!!

My body’s needs have changed, evolved, over the years, and will surely go on doing this. So did my diet. Always based on LOTS of GREENS, for most of the years i was thriving on fruit & greens, high in carbs, low in fat, very much like 80/10/10. With mono meals and days and weeks eating mono.

During these last years, things have changed. My body was craving less and less sweet fruit, and so i transitioned to a low carb diet. Giving it a try, i went on eating keto raw vegan since spring 2018. A diet very low in carbs and high in fat. I felt great and thrived on it for quite a while, but after 5 or 6 months was not happy with the amounts of fat anymore. So i reduced the fat, increased the amounts of greens and sprouts, and eventually, after one year, quit keto and re-added moderate amounts of sweet fruit.

If you are asking for a label of my raw diet now, I’d like to call it happy, healthy, raw, free – it’s high in greens, high in sprouts, includes moderate amounts of sweet fruit, non-sweet fruit and vegetables, and small amounts of fat. It’s low in mucus-forming foods, low in energy, including intermittent fasting, and it is always following my body’s needs … it’s what keeps me happy, healthy, raw, & free.

So, let’s see how the journey will go on … my body will show it to me.

As i know there are lots of people out there struggling with transitioning to a healthier diet, and/or starting to follow their hearts, letting go of how others expect them to live their lives, i so hope that what you will find on these pages will help you, support you, inspire you: To eat the way your body wants you to, and to live the life your heart wants you to live.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, are looking for more support, or just want to get in touch!

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