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There is no such thing as “catching a disease”. What there is though are various methods of the body to rid itself of pollutants and toxines. These do not magically end up in your body, and detoxification symptoms are not a random misfortune, nor are they something triggered by some replicating micro-organism. They are a process of elimination.

Stop thinking of your body’s natural responses as something to be avoided.
Your body is not under attack. It is not defending itself.
It is simply functioning as it was created to, in a supremely intelligent way.

You can support it to do this, especially by giving it space to do so and by keeping harmful substances to a minimum. Your diet is an essential factor that is in your hands. Natural, fresh, unadulterated plant food, fruits and greens, in appropriate quantities. If possible from organic, toxin-free cultivation, preferably seasonal, regional, grown outdoors and in real soil.

It’s not complicated at all and doesn’t require much preparation either – I manage it quite easily even while on the road in my bus, in unfamiliar areas. Fruits are nature’s fast food. Especially now, in late summer, the abundance is unbelievably great. Tomatoes are more delicious than ever, it’s plum season in Germany and wild herbs are sprouting everywhere. On the road in France last week I found wonderful grapes and melons … and much more.





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