Bus - Work in progress.

Gypsy without a van. My adventurous life

It was supposed to be only a few minor, undramatic repairs.
Meanwhile it looks more like a reconstruction of the bus …

So, here are the latest news from me and my bus. The bus for my travelling raw food café.

Früchte Markteinkauf Rohkost

Simplicity & Abundance

Simple living. Simple eating. Simply being. And experiencing the fullness, the abundance, of life in it.

Flowing with the river of life and choosing my direction, my path in it.

In connection, in alignment, with nature, recognizing its fullness. The fullness in me. The fullness of life. Providing for all our needs and nourishing all beings. 


One Year With My Rawfood Café Project

Our paths do not always unfold as we imagined when we set out. The experience of not being able to live one’s dream in the form or at the time we had envisioned can bring a lot of disappointment, sadness, anger, feelings of failure, and so on. This is okay and fine to be felt – but it absolutely does not mean that there is something wrong with us, that the dream has failed, or even that we should give up on our dreams.

I can only ever live my dream in this moment anyway. All of life takes place now, only in this moment. Not sometime in the future, not in the past.


Do what you wish!

There is this part inside, calling you. This part of you, that will be deeply disappointed if you don’t do certain things in your life. We often call it our heart. Listen to it!

Do these things, no matter if they don’t seem to be sensible or practical, or if they don’t fit in your agenda. Be in this moment. Here. Not following your habits but what you feel, sense, in this very moment. Check in with your body and do nothing but what you really want to do. Let go of any agenda you may have.

Feel the freedom of THIS MOMENT.

Zucchini Brote

Quick Dinner: Zucchini Baguette

Greens, lettuce, seaweed, veggies … i have them every day. Yet, mixed salads, every chopped up and mixed in a bowl – i don’t like that.

Fortunately, there are sooooo many varied ways to enjoy vegetables and greens. Like these baguettes, perfect for a quick dinner.

Enjoy them at the travelling raw food café – or just try them yourself at home.

Rohkost Sommerrezept: Grüne Spaghetti mit Heidelbeeren

Super simple raw summer recipe

So this is my absolute favourite this summer, i enjoy it almost every day!

A refreshing and easy-to-prepare dish for summer days. High in nutrients and water while easy to digest and not burdening your body.


Heavy Metal Detox Bliss Balls

Fruity and refreshing raw deliciousness. Yes, it’s GREEN! And such a yummy way to nourish your body!!!

I love spirulina, i love barley grass juice and blueberries, too. Lately, some people around me discovered the much hyped heavy metal detox smoothie for themselves, which contains these three ingredients – and they inspired me to this recipe.

It takes some preparation time, but it’s really worth the effort.