Blog, Bus, Café – Update

Yes, this project is still alive! Even if it’s been quiet here for a very long time, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes:

I’m currently working on relaunching the website, cleaning it up,redesigning and restructuring the content, and new updating the technology – which should make the pages load faster again. As I have plenty of other projects going on at the same time, this will take some more time.
During the rebuilding phase I will probably not publish any new articles here. If you still want to hear from me in the meantime, please subscribe to my free newsletter.

My (raw food café) bus survived the winter, which I spent unplanned in Germany for family reasons. However, I didn’t get to work on it, partly because it makes little sense to do rust work outdoors in the rain. A few more little things have been repaired; and I have removed the rear seat, bought new seals for all door openings (but not yet installed them) and also bought materials for the upcoming rust removal.

In a few weeks I’ll be on the road back to Portugal and the plan is to do these works there – at least it will be hotter and less rainy. So, next things to do are cleaning up the door areas to install the new seals, and after that, remove the rust in the inside.

So, for now the furnishing will still be provisional and quite basic. With a little more space now, without the rear seat. And some refinements and improvements. I will add details and photos here later.

The whole project continues to be financed by donations for eBooks and on GoFundMe – the campaign has been dormant, but recently some donations have come in again. Thank you very much for that!
There is still a lot to do on the way to the rolling raw food café, and every donation, every support, is still very welcome!

If you would like to contribute, you can do so via GoFundMe, via Paypal, or via Revolut. The donations for the eBooks also flow into the project (website and bus).


Bus life and house life – raw on the road

From Portugal through Spain, France and Luxembourg to Germany – the first big trip with my future café bus took me to Germany – already a few weeks ago; now I finally get to tell you about it – and about the progress of my bus café project.


Natural Health I

There is no such thing as “catching a disease”. What there is though are various methods of the body to rid itself of pollutants and toxines. These do not magically end up in your body, and detoxification symptoms are not a random misfortune, nor are they something triggered by some replicating micro-organism. They are a process of elimination.

Wieder unterwegs!

On the road with my bus

Amidst all that is going on, my café project still keeps flowing – in its own pace.
About three weeks ago, I returned to Portugal to pick up my bus from the mechanic. I am so happy and enjoy it so much to finally be able to drive it. Driving, finally being on the road again, this freedom of movement … how I have missed it.

The purchase of the bus and the unexpected extensive repairs that have been done so far – all this was possible thanks to your donations – and I thank each and every one of you who contributed to this from the bottom of my heart!

So, where do we go from here?


Finding the calm amidst the storm

We are experiencing intense times. Full of turbulence. It’s stormy, outside and inside. Sometimes, it feels so overwhelming, there seems to be nothing else. Everything is moving faster and faster. For many, more and more seems to be falling apart in those recent years.

In short: life is ALIVE – and if you have not been used to it before, it may be very frightening, very overwhelming.

Sommer Salat. Summer Salad. Rohkostrezept. Raw recipe.

Raw Vegan Recipe: Summer Salad

An easy-to-make salad for summer, not only raw foodists will enjoy.
Combined from this season’s vegetables you will find at your local farmers’ market or maybe even in your own garden?


Back on the island

Finally back again. After three and a half years away, I am finally back in Tenerife.

About my experience here, and how things are going with my bus in the meantime

Bus - Work in progress.

Gypsy without a van. My adventurous life

It was supposed to be only a few minor, undramatic repairs.
Meanwhile it looks more like a reconstruction of the bus …

So, here are the latest news from me and my bus. The bus for my travelling raw food café.