Finding the calm amidst the storm

We are experiencing intense times. Full of turbulence. It’s stormy, outside and inside. Sometimes, it feels so overwhelming, there seems to be nothing else. Everything is moving faster and faster. For many, more and more seems to be falling apart in those recent years.

In short: life is ALIVE – and if you have not been used to it before, it may be very frightening, very overwhelming.

The majority of people have lived in an illusion of security. In a life in which it seemed clear and predictable what would happen. What tomorrow will look like, what next week will look like. (Many still seem to be there).

But – all we actually ever have – is this moment.

And we have nothing to lose – but this moment.

I have been moved by many things in the last few weeks. Or rather: it has moved within me. Ups and downs. Turmoil and calm again. Storm … and silence.

The big fire here last week, with a lot of fear, deep grief, and at the same time so much wideness and warmth, gratitude and love in all the togetherness here.

My bus project – the great joy of finally being able to drive again as well as concern about the many financial and practical challenges I am currently facing with the continuation of the project and in general.
Again and again the question of the next roof over my head, again and again wonderful doors that open.

Finding calm amidst the storm

Holding still. Again and again. With whatever is raging inside you at the moment. Positive or negative. Coming back to your center, your body, again and again. Into this moment. Again and again, every day! Spending time alone with yourself. In silence. Feel your body, everything that is going on there right now, on all levels. Listen carefully, feel what is happening in your physical body. Listening to your heartbeat, your breath, are there sounds around you, ….?

All the thoughts that arise – they are allowed to be there. Also the feelings – no matter if it’s joy or fear. Pleasant or unpleasant. Just don’t let yourself be pulled along. Don’t identify with it. That is not you. It all passes – if you just let it be there. Don’t hold on to it, don’t accept it, don’t reject it or try to deny it. Don’t let it carry you away. Always come back to yourself.

Then it will change.

Sometimes it happens very quickly, sometimes it takes a little longer.

And suddenly you feel – how free you are. How rich. How strong. It’s just as it is at the moment. And you keep going. Out of yourself, out of your centre. Not determined by all the emotions and thoughts, but by what you know you have to do. Holding still is part of it. Even when everything seems to collapse on the outside.
There is always a way.
You find it.
You are the way.

Such joy, such freedom, lies in this moment.

And yes, the practical questions as such – may remain. But with a changed perspective and the focus on the present moment, the only one in which I can ever DO something, it is much easier to move on. Step by step.

In this moment, when you are completely HERE, NOW … unlimited spaces open up.

In this moment everything is good. Even if it doesn’t feel so at all – because of course there are moments like that – it’s just this one moment. Keep still. Embracing what is, not accepting, not going into resistance.

Living in the moment, living this moment consciously … makes life so much more intense. More alive. More real. More raw. Being here. Now. With me. And everything that is.

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