Are you living, or just functioning?

DO you LIVE your life?
Do you live YOUR life?
Do you follow your heart? Doing, what YOU really want to do?
Do you show up, with your truth, each and every day, in everything you are doing?

Or … are you procrastinating? Day by day pushing along what you are here for? Maybe you are scared to do something wrong. Maybe you don’t know WHAT you are meant to do. Looking for your purpose in this life while missing your life?

Come back! Here! In this moment! There’s nothing more to do but following what your heart is telling you to do right NOW. Big or small things. In each and every moment.

No matter if it’s about your job, your education, your life plan … or “only” about choosing your dinner (huge salad? or order a pizza?), how to spend your evening (yoga, gym, dancing … or hanging out with Netflix, YouTube, Facebook?). Or about how to respond (or react) to other’s actions or words towards you.

Show up, and do what your heart knows to be right!

Dare to show up! Do the first step! You can’t go wrong!

Looking back to my childhood – i was a quite “good” child. Quiet, not showing my rebel-soul, i “functioned” quite well and did what i was expected to do. Whilst inside, it looked different. And i always knew that my life would be different from all this “normal” around me. That this definitely wasn’t how i wanted to spend my life. How it should be – this, i did not know. Or i forgot it over the years – with people always responding to my ideas saying “you can’t do that”, “that’s impossible” etc.

Aged 20, i slowly started to wake up. Took my first steps out of the matrix. Started to live what and how I wanted to. Moment by moment, step by step towards more freedom. Following the path my soul was showing me. In some areas of my life, this was quite easy. In others, it took me a while to find the courage and take the leap. That’s okay. Main thing is: finally i took it. And each and every first step, how difficult it may have been, encouraged and strengthened me for the next steps to come.

Whatever you experience in your life, you will always be shown the direction. You will always be challenged to grow and to come closer to what you are meant to live.
– living with children brought me so much closer towards freedom, acceptance, love and letting go. i could write books about this 😉
– the raw food path itself was all easy for me, yet it brought so much about, physically and mentally and spiritually. I am endlessly grateful for this!
– starting the travellife with my children, more than 8 years ago. Leaving all so-called “security” and almost everything i owned behind. It took me some years to start this, but since i took the first step, my whole life started to flow in a completely new way. Life has been supporting me … as long as i follow my heart. Whenever i lost track of my inner voice, life would become less easy, more painful … and that’s okay, too. Sometimes, it takes time. Everything is happening for me, helping me to get to know my self better, to grow, teaching me so much.
– sometimes, it may seem you are running in circles. Meeting the same issues again and again. I think it’s not circles but a spiral that is leading us more and more towards our true self. Going deeper and keeping on learning.
– While it is easy to love those who are like us, who share our beliefs, ideals and morals, loving those who have a different view on life, living according to a different truth, is much more challenging. Those, who have been hurting me intentionally, or are doing horrible things to other beings.
– ….

Things i learned:

The longer you are procrastinating, the more difficult things become. Every day of postponement builds up obstacles, grids to lock yourself up voluntarily. Your mind will always provide you with reasons to wait, not to change anything. And your fear will become bigger and bigger.

The longer and more often we are talking ourselves into something, the stronger our belief will become. And the bigger the effort to change something. Our mind will always try to get away with the least effort; that’s why it tends to just repeat what it already knows. That’s why changing your beliefs and habits is such a challenge.

But if you keep on ignoring your inner voice, your inner impulses, you will paralyze yourself in the long run. Your life will feel heavy, tedious and tough. And the growing tension inside will one day lead to physical or mental illness. Never will this way bring you peace!

Peace – you will find it by being true to yourself. By accepting and embracing what is – inside and out – and beginning to live your inner truth in the outside world. To show up. To act according your heart’s wisdom.

Yes, there will be fear. Especially the fear to show up. To not be loved for what you are. Because you believe to be somehow wrong, unloveable, the way you REALLY are. But – you ARE. Loveable. Perfect. Exactly the way you are meant to be. Every part of you, even those you cannot love yourself (yet):

No matter if it’s in your personal relationships, your family and your immediate surrounding, or if it’s your neighbours, your boss, or presenting ourself in public: if you keep on hiding and faking to be someone you are not – what for?!? Even if it should work – it’s not YOU they love, but a picture, a fake. And at what cost?
Maybe some people WILL leave because they don’t like your true you – let them go! There are many others, loving you exactly for who and what you are. Being abandoned, rejected, or any other negative reaction does not say anything about YOU!

Besides, you may be surprised how your relationships will benefit from more openness. How happy some people will be about a more real, honest way of communication.

And above all: how much YOU will benefit. How much more alive and real you will feel.

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