Vegan Raw Food – so what do you eat then? – Chocolate Sapote :)

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Probably you have been asked this, too. Or people asked “So what is left for you to be allowed on this diet?” Most of the people are not aware of the abundance, the diversity, of the natural food. Fruit, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds … so many things are growing out there for us to eat.

Years ago, when beginning to eat this way, i read that it would be possible to eat a different kind of fruit, veggie or green each day without having to eat the same thing twice in all my life. And for sure, i got to know incredibly many before unknown fruit in the first months on the raw vegan lifestyle, followed by lots of edible greens i did not know before. Not to mention all the veggies and fruit i knew already,  tasting amazingly different when eaten raw.

After 13 years of eating raw, discovering new fruit has become rare. But today, i found and ate a fruit i had not tried before! I read about this one before but never saw or tasted it. Black sapote. Also known as chocolate sapote or chocolate pudding fruit. Delicious beyond words!

A fruit with the color and texture of super-creamy chocolate pudding. High in vitamins, low in fat. Not suitable on a ketogenic diet, though, unless you are really well adapted to keto, and need some carb refeed. It’s sweetness is perfect – not too sweet, not like banana or dates.

I would not like to eat it on a daily basis or in big amounts. More like a piece of cake – once in a while. Perfect to celebrate this day of having returned to my current home place. Anyway, as i have not seen this fruit on this island in 8 years, changes are, i will not see it again too soon 😉

Black sapotes are ripe when very soft and totally black inside. Like the one on the pictures. There are two more on the first picture, that will both need some more days to ripen.

It is rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, dietary fibers and vitamin A and vitamin C while minimally containing fat and zero cholesterol.

Some people have experienced strong reactions on eating black sapote, or yellow sapote as well, due to their detoxifying effects. Like dizziness etc. Me, i have not, neither on eating the one nor the other, but if you want to try them (which i would strongly recommend!), be careful!

A ripe sapote

… from the inside

Fruity chocolate pudding

Soooo creamy and yummy

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