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Living Foods: Sprouts & Microgreens

What is really nourishing us? Which food is giving our body what it needs, instead of only filling it?

They say “You are what you eat.” – And this is so true. Or, better: you become, what you eat.
Dead food, junk food, toxic food can never build up a living, healthy body and keep it healthy.

Besides what is really nourishing us – sun, fresh air, joy, moving our body, loving relationships, rest – our food is only on the second place. But, it is a significant stimulus for our body. Food can clean, or stress. Detox, or build up. It can give energy, or take it. It can support your healing – or stop it. For sure it is a relevant factor to our health.

Eating a raw vegan diet, fresh food, organic, not processed, is a perfect way to avoid junk, toxic, chemicals. And an important step towards living food. Towards an appropriate diet vor your living, healthy body.

Living foods will raise your electromagnetic frequency – and thereby raise your health and your consciousness.

Happy those, who get their food fresh from their own garden or from nature – harvest and eat immediately. Close to this, but not the same, is buying fresh produce on your local farmers’ market or directly from producers in your area.

As soon as you harvest a plant, it starts to die. Losing life. Losing energy. You see this with fresh green leaves, like dandelion. Only few hours after picking them, they will be withered. While wild edibles still have more micronutrients than lettuce, what you really need is absolutely fresh food!

Do you know, that most of the fruit and veggies in your local store is day, more often even weeks(!) old? Not much life in them anymore when they are on your plate.

One thing you can do – and i recommend to do so – is going outdoor, taking walks in nature and eating out – there! Pick fresh wild greens, tree leaves, wild fruit and berries. Summer and autumn is the perfect time of the year to do this! There are lots of free trees all around the world. Go out and find them. And only take, what you need right now … that way, there will be enough for all!

Plus, many producers open up for the public to pick your own fruit – for a smaller price than you would have to pay, buying the same stuff in a shop.

Above all this, anyway, there is a wonderful possibility, to have fresh, green, living food right next to your plate all around the year, and it is so easy:

Grow your own sprouts and microgreens!

It does not take a lot, no special equipment, not much time. And, besides, it is an inexpensive way to nourish your body with all the micronutrients, life energy, freshness, it needs.

All you have to do is soak some seeds, drain the next day, put in a container (a big glass will do!) and rinse twice a day. It takes only few days until you can harvest and eat them. And as you don’t cut them, they will stay alive even on your fork, still growing. This is really LIVING FOOD!

You can combine them with fruit, veggies, in salads, add them to your wraps, decorate your bowls, or simply eat them on their own.

Growing microgreens

Another thing you can do, right inside your kitchen or on your window sill: grow microgreens.

This is more or less the same as growing sprouts, only that you grow them on soil. Take whatever container you have (on my photo i used recycled plastic boxes from berries i bought), put some soil in it. Soak your seeds overnight, drain and rinse, and spread them onto the soil. Water twice a day (a simple spray bottle is perfect for this) and watch them growing. It’s fascinating 🙂

Love the food that loves you back!

Growing sprouts

Here you see alfalfa, lentils, fenugreek, radish, and broccoli sprouts:

Above the sprouts you see on the photos, i use to grow buckwheatsprouts for my daughter (i don’t really like them), and experiment with whatever comes across my way.

I tried fennel lately, but did not find it very interesting. I don’t like rocket either.

Sprouts really enrich my diet, they are small yet extremely powerful, giving so much energy. And they bring all the micronutrients my body needs.

Do you like to eat sprouts? Do you grow them? Which ones do you like best?

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