Marvelous body. All disease is a reaction to what you feed your body and your soul with

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“Each of our cells is made of parts of the world that we have absorbed and transformed, all of which are enchanted food.”

A quote by Catherine Newmark.

Nutrition, but also everything else that nourishes our body, mind and soul, contributes to our health. Disease is not a consequence of viruses or bacteria, but a reaction to what we absorb.

Our body is doing its best to detoxify. To cleanse. To heal. All the time. Aging, too, is not as inescapable as you may think. What commonly is thought to be unavoidable is also a consequence of your diet, your habits, your mindset and living in accordance with your soul.

You have surely seen lots of photos in the web, showing healthy, happy, fit people aged 50, 60, 80 or more years. Not corresponding to the stereotype of the average aging human being in our society. As i am blessed to have met some of them, i am sure it’s not only photoshop doing this; they really look that great! People eating raw & vegan, keep their body and mind in motion, are conscious with what they think about and are following the call of their heart/soul. Or, at least, do some of these, are proving that it’s us ourselves, our way of living, our choices, that determine how we look, how we feel, how healthy we are..

… and it’s getting better and better!

Me myself, i have been happy & healthy eating 100% raw and vegan since april 2006, i. e. 12.5 years now. Always following the needs of my body. An interplay with my inner journey, struggling and growing and learning, too. Resulting in a more and more decreasing need to fullfill my emotional needs by eating.
No dogma, no abstinence. I eat whatever i want, and from the first day on have been experiencing this way of feeding my body (and all its side effects) as a blessing. I am endlessly grateful for having found this path. Happy and satisfied, i never missed anything else, cooked food or whatever.
And … i feel that i am getting better and better on it. I am reaching new levels of health and wellbeing again and again. Instead of getting worse with the years. If you feel your health decreases with getting older, it’s not about the years. It’s about your habits. Diet, exercise, breathing, fresh air, sun, computer work etc. …. still lots of space for improvements for me, too. Working on it. 😉

My body is thriving, i feel healthy and fit. For more than six months now i have been on a ketogenic diet. Low carb, still raw, still vegan. Almost no sweet fruit. Much more fat than before. Like fatty fruit, seeds, kernels. No oils.) I finally managed to establish a daily workout routine – doing mainly yoga and body weight exercises. My body is doing well on it … and i am happy with what i see in the mirror. 😉

Of course i do love me and my body the way i am … more or less fit, with all “imperfections”, all traces and scars the years, pregnancies, giving birth have left. Love scars 🙂
I have a beautiful body anyway … or because of them.
But nevertheless i am fascinated and grateful for how perfectly this body, this marvel of nature, is working. How perfectly it is reacting to what i am doing.

Furthermore, with all we eat, with all we consume, we are saying yes to the world as it is. Also saying yes to how things are done – whenever you spend money to buy something, you are saying: i am okay with how this was produced. So choosing what you eat is far more than a personal choice. It has direct and indirect consequences for the whole world. Physically as well as spiritually.

Heal yourself and you heal the world!

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