To heal is to cleanse. Mucusless Diet.

So called illness, any lack of good health and well-being, are attributed to blockades. Something blocking the flow of energy, thus bringing us/our system out of balance. These blocks can be physical, psychological, emotional or mental; all affecting each other. I. e., psychological, emotional, or mental blocks and imbalances can manifest in physical issues, same as an unhealthy life style and diet can lead to not only physical but also psychological, emotional, or mental problems. Vice versa, an optimized diet not only helps to clear up your physical energy flow but also can help you to solve emotional or mental issues and release psychological conflicts.

“Illness” is not an enemy you are supposed to fight. It’s a form of expression of your body or soul, showing you there is something wrong in your life. You are doing/eating/living something that’s not good for you. Not what your body or soul needs right now.

Today, i want to have a closer look to the physical needs of our bodies in this regard. More precisely, to what Arnold Ehret has written about them.

Arnold Ehret, (*1866, +1922) for those who have not heard from him, was a german naturopath and alternative health educator, best known for developing the Mucusless Diet Healing System. He wrote lots of books about detox, fasting, etc; like “Rational Fasting” and “Mucusless Diet Healing System”. I highly recommend to have a look at his works. You can read some of Ehret’s books online for free!

In his book “Mucusless Diet Healing System” he is examining these blockades and their causes from a physical point of view. Reducing to an all simple approach, what, in both school medicine and alternative health cures, and also amongst a lot of raw food “experts”, is often considered to be very complicated.

According to Ehret, every disease is nothing but a constipation, a clogging up of the body’s entire pipe system. Caused by accumulated mucus at different places of your body. It’s the body’s effort to eliminate waste, mucus & toxins. So healing is not about fighting the disease. It’s about healing the body. Cleaning the body from mucus and toxins that have been accumulated since your childhood.

Obviously, this cannot be done within a few days. Please don’t expect your body to eliminate within days or weeks of eating healthy and raw what has been accumulated for years. It will take time.

In addition to mucus, there might be toxins, mainly from medicine, you may have taken years ago. While eating a standard diet, these will never be eliminated completely. Following Ehret’s mucusless diet, your body will be able to release and eliminate even those residues. However, they might cause symptoms like heart palpitation or other unknown and uncomfortable sensations when getting back into your circulation system in order to be eliminated by the kidneys.

All “diseases”, like colds, flu, nephritis, etc actually are efforts of your body to get rid of all the mucus and the toxins. So don’t lament but better celebrate this marvel of your body when experiencing issues like that. It is actually trying to save your life! ­čÖé

Some examples mentioned by Ehret:

  • The so-called “cold” is a reaction of the body to get rid of excreta in the sinuses, throat and bronchia.
  • Toothache is a warning: “Stop eating, i am in need to repair.”
  • Even short- or long-sightedness attributes to an constipation in the eyes; problems of hearing shows that your ears are clogged up.
  • Ulcer or struma are formed by the body to store waste products and keep them from entering in your circulation system.
  • Mental disease, according to Ehret, is attributed to a congestion in your brain.

To find out more about your body’s inner state, have a look at your tongue. Fast for one or two days, or eat nothing but fruit for three to four days; then check your tongue’s surface. It will probably be white, covered with mucus your body is trying to eliminate this way. Fasting, or eating nothing but fruit, is leaving the body with more energy to detoxify.

Following Ehret’s advice, the ultimate cure is to fast, and then, after the fast, eat a mucusless diet. Even on a short fast, your body will start to eliminate waste products – via the tongue, kidneys, bowel, nose …
The worse and weaker you feel while fasting, the more contaminated your body is! Pain will show you the weak points in your body; nervousness and cardiac trouble indicate medicine stored in your body.

Which food is forming mucus and which is mucusfree?

Very mucus forming:
– all cereal and flour products (bread, pasta, etc)

Very mucus- and pus forming:
– dairies (cheese, yogurt, curd, …)
– all kinds of meat, eggs

A bit less mucus forming:
– potatoes

Also within the palette of a raw vegan natural diet there is some mucus forming food:
– legumes & beans
– corn
– nuts, mainly walnuts, and seeds

If you should be on a more or less standard cooked diet, it is recommended to transition slowly to a raw diet, low in (or free from) mucus. Best for transition: cooked vegetables, as from all cooked food, they are the least mucus forming.

On a raw diet, according to Ehret you should eat only seldomly and small amounts of the above mentioned mucus forming raw foods, or not eat them at all.

In times of acute “mucus excrition” (like a so-called cold, cough, pimples, dandruff … ), it’s recommended to abstain from any mucus-forming food for at least a few days. Like doing a fruit day, with eating nothing but fruit. Or doing a fast for one or some day(s). Until your body will be in balance again.

What food is recommended to eat permanently?

Exactly those i experienced to taste and make me feel best anyway: fruit, starchless vegetables, green leaves! ­čÖé
Ehret also believes, that we, like all animals living in the wild are made to eat mono by nature. I. e., not to eat mixed meals.

But be careful! It’s not about eating as much of the “right” foods as possible. Too much of even the best food, will actually reduce your vitality instead of increasing it! This applies even more if you have lots of waste and toxic substance (i. e. mucus) in your body.

To become healthy again, what it mainly needs is to relieve all the burden in your body. To cleanse it from the waste accumulated in many years, and to abstain from adding new.

The best way to cleanse, to heal, your body is by doing regular short fastings, alternating with eating cleaning, non- or low-mucus-forming meals.


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