Spring detox recipe: Orange-Aloe-Smoothie

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It’s spring. Time to clean and detoxify your body. Today, i have a super simple recipe for you, that will help you to energize and clean your body, detoxify your liver, provide your body with lots of vitamines, minerals, water, and is really easy to prepare – and yummy, of course!

There is more than food, in terms of keeping you healthy:

Get sun upon your skin! As often as possible. It will really help your body to detoxify.

Move your body! If you walk, run, hike, lift weights, do yoga or whatever you prefer – just do it! As often as you can.

Get out and breathe! Deep breathing, fresh air, is also very important for cleaning and re-energizing your body.

Your body has the ability to clean itself – and it is doing this all the time. The less you stress it, the better it can do its work. This also means, to not eat too much, and to not eat all the time. Fasting, in the way it works best for you, is a good way to help your body. You can do waterfasts every now and then, for one or a few days. Or do intervall fasting, i. e. fast for something like 12 to 18 hours per day and only eat within the remaining time. If you eat, eat light food, and always try to eat a little bit less than you think you need.

For those who don’t yet live on fresh, natural and unprocessed food (fruit, vegetables, greens), spring is the perfect time to start with it. Maybe you want to try it for one to three months, just to see, how you feel.

Eating a light, natural diet, high in water and fibre, will leave your body lots of energy for cleaning and detoxifying, supporting this, too, while at the same time providing it with all the vitamins, minerals etc. it needs.

Wild edible herbs are some of our most valuable food, and yes, now in spring, they also start to regrow. So go out there and get yourself some, every day! Especially the bitter taste in some of them is supporting and cleaning your liver.

Right in front of my door, Aloe is growing in abundance! So from time to time i ask her to share one of her leaves, to make myself this smoothie.

Click here to find out how to do it!

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