Früchte Markteinkauf Rohkost

Simplicity & Abundance

Simple living. Simple eating. Simply being. And experiencing the fullness, the abundance, of life in it.

Flowing with the river of life and choosing my direction, my path in it.

In connection, in alignment, with nature, recognizing its fullness. The fullness in me. The fullness of life. Providing for all our needs and nourishing all beings. 

Simple living

In a tent, caravan, bus (hopefully soon). In a hut, cave, completely outside – whatever presents itself and pleases.

As much protection from rain, sun, cold, heat, wind as necessary. As few solid walls around me as possible. Sun, air, on my skin. Being outside as much as possible. Such a pleasure.

Close to nature., In it, with it. Far away from cities and streets. Such a luxury.

Getting up with the sun. Going to sleep when it gets dark.

With all the things I need – and no more. Currently, for me, that’s only as much as my body can carry. (So happy about the already quite warm temperatures).

Without a car (learn why I can neither drive nor live in my bus just yet here); which at my current location means walking a lot of long distances, so getting a lot of movement. 

And experiencing so much togetherness, and support from lovely people around me.

Einfach wohnen
Einfach wohnen
Einfach leben - Wasser aus einer Quelle

Simple eating

Spring water. Fruits, vegetables, salads and other green leaves, wild herbs (when I can find some), nuts and seeds. From the market, or directly from the farmer. Locally grown and therefore seasonal. And oh, what bounty! You can see a bit of it in the photo above: loquats (japanese plums?) are ripe now, strawberries, cherries are just starting and there are the first melons. The season of oranges and avocados is coming to an end, while that of apricots, tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers is just beginning.

Raw as always. Unprocessed. Without a blender, my meals remain much simpler than during the winter months, when I used to prepare quite a lot.

Einfach essen - Erdbeeren
Einfach essen - Orangen
Einfach essen - Gemüsefrüchte

Simply being

Just being.

Here. Now. With me. And in togetherness.

Silence. Presence. In my body. All of me here and now.

Not holding on to anything. Neither things nor people nor plans, thoughts, feelings. Experiencing the moment, whole and complete. Enjoying the pleasant ones, acknowledging the unpleasant ones and letting them pass.

Keeping going. Doing what is necessary to keep the show of my life on the road. Taking care of what’s at hand. In this moment. Taking care of me. Caring for my loved ones.

And again and again – diving into the stillness, into the silence.

Einfach sein
Einfach sein
Einfach sein

Own nothing? – Enough for everyone!

True, nature owns nothing, and no being in nature owns anything. But in nature there are no few beings who claim everything for themselves, including the life energy of the rest, and live at their expense. Who simply consider humanity and the planet as a resource to exploit.

The claim of the current agenda, “You will own nothing and you will be happy”, is, like everything in the official propaganda, a distortion of the truth. Going hand in hand with the idea of scarcity that is deeply ingrained in our programming. This has nothing to do with nature, with you, with me and what I feel, live, want, nor with what i want to express here.

In nature there is  togetherness, there is  interdependence. No one-sided dependence, but a mutual interdependence. No living being lives only for itself. Giving and receiving, in all directions.

In nature there is no lack. Shelter, protection from the weather, pure drinking water, pure air, natural, unpoisoned food – these are basic rights of all people, of all living beings. Things that are naturally free and should remain so or become so again.

I own few, but definitely some things, and I am glad and grateful for it. And I feel how every holding on to it, every fear of loss, makes me unfree. But I can still enjoy what is given to me. Using it also to share with others what I have to give. Knowing that I will always have everything I need.

I wish you and everyone to have everything you need and everything you desire.

And most of all, I wish you to find the richness, the infinite abundance, the flow, of everything you need and desire, in yourself and in the togetherness with nature and the people around you.

Much love

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