Bus - Work in progress.

Gypsy without a van. My adventurous life

It was supposed to be only a few minor, undramatic repairs.
Meanwhile it looks more like a reconstruction of the bus …

So, here are the latest news from me and my bus. The bus for my travelling raw food café.

In mid-April I packed my backpack and set off for Portugal. To pick up there, so the plan, my repaired bus. In about 3 weeks, I thought, I would be back in Germany to collect my stuff, and could then take care of some minor rust spots, door seals and the like, and start the conversion.

Then – an email from the mechanic. “Call me, there’s a little more to fix.”
On the short way from the location of the bus to the workshop, apparently the engine had run hot; the one fan cooler that was still working had jammed and some cable had started to fry as a result. The car almost burned down.

Luckily, it did not. The mechanic was not injured. And luckily it was him driving – and knowing what to do in that situation. If it would have been me, that would probably have been the end of our short journey together.

The “little more” then turned out to be the head gasket, timing belt, fan cooler … and, little by little, so far, support joints, diesel injection pump, camshaft etc etc were added …

In short: way to go. There is a lot of work to be done before I will be able to hit the road again.

So, i keep travelling with my backpack. How good that it is almost summer and I can get along with my few taken clothes over the next months.

At least, my life does not get boring 😀

And it is gifting me with so much!
Dear friends supporting me, giving me a lift to those places i cannot reach by bus or walking (i. e. most of the places in the Alentejo), and hosting me in a tent.
Another place, a caravan, i am now staying in, for an affordable rent.
Lots of movement for my body, walking.
And so much sun and fresh air on my skin – so good!

Here and now – everything is good. Just different than I had imagined. ALIVE! I continue to enjoy the journey, the adventure, and am curious what will come of it.

Because this whole thing not only takes time but also money: I keep asking for your further support. Money donations, sharing my funding campaign, needed spare parts, the help of a capable car electrician, … all this will help me to continue with this project … and to first get the bus back on the road … and then, hopefully soon, my traveling raw food café as well.

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