Sunrise in Faro

You need to get on the road to find the way

Our path emerges as we walk. It unfolds step by step. At every crossroads, with every decision you make.

Life cannot be lived in your head. Life is not the plan in your head.

By that I don’t mean that you should rush blindly into it, or fall into aimless actionism even though you have no idea what you want to do. There are times when we don’t know what to do. When we feel no impulse to do anything. Those are times to stand still. To do nothing. To dwell in silence. Until out of the silence, out of you, an impulse arises. Action arises. Out of your being, not out of your thoughts (and certainly not following the guidelines of others).

Then. When you know what you want to do. When you have a dream that you want to live. When your body tells you, “Do this. Now.” (Even if you don’t understand why.) Then take the first step. Then it’s time to go. See where it takes you. You don’t have to know what the complete path is. It’s enough to take the first step. And then the next. And the next. At every crossroad, with every decision, you shape your path. Stay curious about where it will lead you; also nourish your dreams – but don’t cling to a fixed goal. Let life unfold as you live NOW, in this moment.

Our mind tends to think about everything in advance. To make ideas, plans. Or to worry. That’s okay. Let it think. Let the thoughts run through. But don’t let your mind be the boss. And don’t hold on to its ideas. Most of the time, life unfolds quite differently from our plans and ideas anyway.

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