I found my Happy Healthy Raw Free Gypsy Café Bus!

I finally found him! My van, my bus! 💗🎉

The moment I finally set off again with the borrowed bus, back on the road, he showed up. Many thousands of kilometres away from me, in Portugal. I had barely 24 hours to decide. No time to go there and see it before deciding to buy. So i asked some friends in the area for their impressions – and I listened to my body, which had a very clear YES.

So I said yes. Sent a deposit and, full of joyful excitement, changed my route – taking the shortest way to the Alentejo, to “my” bus. You can see it in the picture above. A Volkswagen T4, built in 1993. Yes, it’s a smaller vehicle than I thought I wanted. I’ve learned in the last few weeks, travelling in the borrowed T4, that I totally like this size and feel very comfortable in it. Small, but totally adequate. I like it minimalistic anyway. And, as I said, the decision came beyond thought and argument, straight from my body, and it was clear. This is my bus.

This will be my home, and my travelling raw food café.

There is still a way to go. Work, time … and money, my head says. Many things I have no idea how to do yet. But the journey is the destination, as we all know, and I am full of joy and excitement (and yes, a little bit of overwhelm and worry appears now and then).

First of all, there are some repairs to be done. Some of them, things I definitely can’t do myself, will be done by someone in Portugal, while I make my way back to D to return the borrowed bus. Afterwards, I drive or fly back to Portugal and collect my bus.
The “new” bus will need a little love. Minor rust spots have to be repaired and door seals replaced. And then …. the conversion. Exciting, all of it. A bit overwhelming too … So I keep holding still. Breathe. And just keep going. Step by step.

To all the donors so far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart – thanks to all of you, I now can do what i am doing! There is so much gratitude in me for your support, for this togetherness!
So much gratitude, too, that things that seemed so tough and laborious last year, that didn’t seem to move, are now flowing so powerfully again!

So a lot of travelling back and forth is coming up in the near future; between the north and south of Europe, between my bus, my stuff, children, promised house-sits.

How much all this will be worth it, for my own bus, my own travelling home – I have just experienced this once more in the last few weeks. This is so much my life!

The joys of my gypsy life

I have been on the road for 3.5 weeks now, with the borrowed bus. Have deeply enjoyed the life in it: Is there anything more beautiful than sleeping with the sound of the sea in the background? Waking up with magnificent views of sunrises, beaches, mountains, the beauties of this world? To be able to decide every day, every moment, where I want to be right now. Staying or moving on. To work with a view of my choice. That feeling of home and a retreat while I’m on the road … how good, how right that feels!

It’s a simple life too. Going to bed when it gets dark, because apart from candles I hardly had any light with me anyway. Rarely did I ever look in a mirror. Life without running water. And with only a little electricity in the form of a small power station in my luggage. Co-working spaces, laundromats and public showers help with the rest. And I myself …. feel sooooo recharged and connected in this life; so much better cared for and nourished than any flat comfort could ever do.

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