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Divine Food

Once more, during the last months in Asia, i experienced the best way to nourish my body. Divine food. Edible love. Fresh, sun-ripened tropical fruit.

Fruit is love!

More than two months on fruit only. Best fruit i ever ate in my life! Mostly mono meals, sweet fruit. Some pumpkin, too. And i drank young coconuts on a daily basis. Rarely, i also had fresh greens like celery, cilantro or lettuce – maybe 5-6 times in those months. Plus, i brought barley grass powder, spirulina powder and chlorella in my backpack and added those to my coconuts, bananas or pumpkins; daily in the beginning, then every other day.

While i was really missing the greens my body was used to eat in the first weeks, this craving vanished and i felt completely nourished and satisfied on fruit.

So again i experienced that with high quality fruit (regional, ripe, tropical) and lots of sun and fresh air and warm temperatures around the clock, my body not only needs less food but also less greens.

My meals where very simple. No recipes at all. Mostly mono meals. No chocolate or cacao in whatever way – try this and realize the difference! During the winter weeks in Germany, i had way too much raw chocolate and it did not do me well. So i am really happy and grateful i am away from this addictive stuff again.

What i ate: pineapple, jackfruit, pomelos, plantains, apple bananas. Mangos and papayas. Watermelon. Sometimes tangerines, longan. Once or twice rambutan, custard apples, tamarind (the latter way to sweet and sticky for my taste). And several times i enjoyed amazing durian … will tell you more about this in another post. All these daily fresh from the market.

Raw challenge in central Europe in spring

Stuck in Germany now, obviously not knowing for how long. Rawfood paradise looks different here. I was not aware though, how difficult it would be this time. For many years now i could not eat most of the imported fruit offered here, because i had eaten them in much better, riper quality, locally grown, in many southern countries i have lived. But this time – fruit seems to be impossible for me to eat here. Regional apples, i once liked, lead to burning sensations at my palate, followed by a sore throat, after only one bite. Same with oranges and tangerines from spain. Grapes (from south africa) were milder, yet still making my teeth feel blunt. Bananas don’t feel acidic at all, yet are that far away from natural ripeness – they simply taste like nothing. Filling my stomach without providing any life energy. Not a bit of the high vibration of tropical fruit in their home.

Fruit Quality – Insights

I actually was not aware, HOW acidic fruit in this area of the world really is! Only now, comparing with what i was able to enjoy during the last months, and with my body being even more clean than before, i was able to notice it. While a lot of fruit in Andalusia and Tenerife is great, too – there are still differences. Tropical fruit in the tropics is even better! Let’s have a look at pineapples, for example. I always thought they were meant to burn – preventing you from eating too much of them. Yet, in Asia i could eat as much pineapple as i wanted to (and believe me, i ate a LOT of it) without any burning sensations on my tongue or any other unwanted effects on my body. Those pineapples were truely ripe and sweet and free from acid!

So now, i got an even deeper understanding of “really ripe” fruit. The longer i am on this raw journey and the more fruit i was able to enjoy in their home region, the more i felt the imperfection, the incompleteness of imported, harvested before ripened fruit. Fruit that never got enough sun for their perfect ripening.

Of course, i don’t want to disencourage you living raw vegan in Germany or climatic similar regions. Obviously, eating raw and vegan, lots of fresh stuff, is still much more likely to stay healthy and give your body the space it needs for healing. Just stay aware with your food, and with its impact on your body. And remember that acidic unripe (or not naturally ripened) fruit can still harm your body, cause inflammation in a clean and sensitive body, and does not come with the complete set of nutrients you would them expect to have. So that is why during 14 years of living raw and vegan, i almost always added LOTS of greens. When without fruit supply, like now, i use to live mainly on greens.

Greens, too, are divine food! High vibrating, edible sun light. Grown outdoors, in the sun. Best are wild edibles, like herbs (stinging nettle, dandelion, mallow, …) and tree leaves. Dark leafy greens like lamb’s lettuce and spinach are great, too.

All these are gifts from mother earth, too. We can pick them attentive and careful, causing as little damage as possible. Pick some leaves, don’t destroy the whole plant.

In these days, it is more important than ever, to eat as clean and non-violent as possible. We need more love in this world, and less harm! And this includes ALL forms of living.

Eat as simple as possible. Cut out processed food. Including raw junk like bars, chocolate, chips (or make them at home, for yourself, with lots of love and few ingredients.) Avoid long-time stored old stuff like nuts and dried fruit and choose as much fresh food instead.

Be attentive with yourself – feel the impact of your food to your wellbeing (on all levels), and choose what gives you good energy!

Raise your vibration by eating high vibrating, fresh, living foods: fruit, as ripe and fresh as possible. Vegetable fruit. Greens. Sprouts.

My Current Raw Food Paradise

So, this is how my raw food paradise looks like these days. After fasting first few days here, i now tuned into the world of greens again. Eating lots of greens (mallow, nettles, dandelion, goutweed, lamb’s lettuce, spinach), seaweed, sprouts, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin. Sometimes combined with delicious simple low fat and low mucus dipps. Check this ebook for simple recipes!

Living food: Green Bowl

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