Keep your faith!

Heaven and hell, light and dark, they both exist in each single moment. Good and bad, they are in everyone of us. In each moment, we choose how to act. How to react. Where to live in – heaven or hell. What to see – dark or light. To love or to hate.
My thoughts, my emotions, my actions determine whether i experience heaven or hell. No matter the circumstances around. Yet, as each one of us does the same, we are at the same time constantly co-creating heaven – or hell. Consciously or unconsciously.

“Hell is in the here and now. So is heaven. Quit worrying about hell or dreaming about heaven, as they are both present inside this very moment. Every time we fall in love, we ascend to heaven. Every time we hate, envy or fight someone we tumble straight into the fires of hell.” – from “The 40 rules of love”

These days, it takes me a lot of focus to find a balance between finding my path in the outer world (protecting my freedom, my health, my physical integrity) and staying aware that we are all CREATING this, and our future as well, together – to a big part by doing our inner work. Without getting constantly distracted by all kinds of news. Without judging each other and becoming divided due to different points of view. Without trying to control everything.

I choose to act in love and as compassionate and peaceful as i am able to. This includes my deeds as well as the words i speak or write.
I choose to be free, no matter what.
I choose to keep my faith, to keep my inner peace.
I choose to love even those who seem to work against me, who seem to fight me, try to control me or restrict me from living my life the way i want to.

I choose to follow the divine law, the cosmic rules.
Yet, i choose to decide in each moment to put this divine law, my inner truth, the law of my heart before any conflicting men made laws.

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