Thoughts On Masks

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Is there anybody who is not triggered by the thought of having to wear a mask from today on? I was. Several days i fought … with my resistance, my fears, my anger. There’s a lot these masks are bringing up. (Besides the fact, that it’s physically more than uncomfortable to wear them – when i had to wear a mask in Thailand, i felt like i would suffocate after only half a minute, i simply could not breathe.)

Yet, beyond the question how to deal with this practically (wear a mask or not, rebel, find ways, compromise, express your resentments etc), i invite you to first have a closer look at your reactions and feelings about this.

What is coming up inside?

Maybe you are scared, fearing for your freedom. The freedom to be you. To show up. To speak you thoughts. To show your feelings.

Maybe all this is triggering deep pain or anger. Due to not having been allowed to show up, to express your thoughts and feelings. We all learned from early childhood which kind of expression was welcome and which wasn’t. How we had to act, to be, to be accepted and loved. And we all learned to adapt. To wear a mask. To smile when we felt like crying or shouting. To be strong when feeling weak. To suppress our anger. To hide our vulnerability. To not appear to be “imperfect”.

So most of us have been living masked for most of our lives, in order to be loved and accepted. In order to survive.

Now it’s time to realize this! To see your wounds, to feel and embrace your old pain and all your emotions – and to let them go. Transform them. Forgive. Grow. Finally learn to love yourself, just the way you are, and to show up!

You are loved! Just the way you are in this very moment.

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