Natural Health I

There is no such thing as “catching a disease”. What there is though are various methods of the body to rid itself of pollutants and toxines. These do not magically end up in your body, and detoxification symptoms are not a random misfortune, nor are they something triggered by some replicating micro-organism. They are a process of elimination.

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Impressions from the Raw Food Café

Some impressions from my raw food café … things i came up with along my way, travelling this beautiful planet.  

All raw, vegan and homemade with lots of love.

Cinnamon buns in Tenerife, orange tarte and marble cake in Portugal, chocolate mint icecream, served in a pitahaya half in Tenerife, date-coconut-treats in Luxor, Egypt.

Choco Crossies, fruit plate, mini cakes, mousse au chocolat, Raw-Reos, chocolat bars, tirawmisu, lemon tarte.

… and there is more than just sweet dishes.

…. like pizza, pasta, veggie fingerfood, cheeze.

All this (and whatever else i will come up with) is raw, vegan, and homemade with lots of love!

Want to meet me and my travelling raw food café?


Follow your body’s healthy desire

You have read it here lots of times: my suggestion to follow your body. Only your body. Your inner truth. Nothing else. In each moment. No dogma, no rules, no expectations – neither those of others nor your own. And this applies to your food choices as well as to all other choices you need to make in your life.

Because this is the one way to happiness, to health. In the end, this is what freedom means. You, only you, deciding, what you allow in your body, what you will do, and what you won’t. And it is the only way to a truly nourishing and satisfying way of eating and living. Only what is in harmony with your real needs and you inner truth, will make you happy and content.

Today, i want to have a closer look at this. How does this work, following your own body? How can i do this, in everyday life? Doesn’t it take some discipline, strict rules, knowledge about nutrients etc, to thrive and be happy on a raw vegan diet? What do i do if my body is craving unhealthy food, fast food, – this is not healthy desire, is it?


Einladung: Impulse & Inspiration für diese Zeit

Egal, was genau dich in dieser Zeit herausfordert. Was dir Angst macht oder dich stresst – das Virus, Freiheitseinschränkungen, finanzielle Sorgen, familiäre Herausforderungen: Jetzt ist es besonders wichtig, dich wirklich gut um dich, um dein Wohlbefinden zu kümmern. Auf allen Ebenen: körperlich, mental, seelisch. Für dein Gleichgewicht zu sorgen. Damit du zu dir kommen kannst, Ruhe findest, und Kraft. Für den veränderten Alltag und vor allem dafür, nach innen zu gehen. In die Stille zu gehen und bei dir, in dir, aufzuräumen.

Und es ist jetzt so wichtig wie nie, in Verbindung zu bleiben. Wir sind hier alle gemeinsam drin, egal wo wir sind, egal wie wir denken und leben.