Vital Force

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The flame inside.
The flame of life.
The flame of light.

Life force
letting it flow.
Flow with it.
Being. Doing.

Life force.
Maybe unfamiliar.
Maybe uncomfortable.
Uneasiness, agitation,
not knowing what to do with it.
Feeling the urge to
calm it, numb it, turn it away.

Life force
letting it be.
Feeling it.
Flowing through me.
Doing its work.
Blockages dissolve.

Life force
Burning away what is not needed any more
Nourishing what wants to come into being.
Strengthening myself for the path ahead.
Clearing, transmuting, creating.


Feeling me, inside my body.
Feeling my body, inside of me.
Feeling me, in this world.
Feeling the world, inside of me.

More and more

The old crumbling away, dissolving.
Fear, anxiety, uncertainty
are allowed to run through me.
At the same time
the knowing, that space for the new is arising.

Melting into it,
into the change.

The new arising
in each moment.

Creating art.
When beginning, i never know,
what will arise.
It’s showing itself,
with each streak
with each word..
Feeling what is coming next.
Taking the next step.
And on and on.

In the same way
i am dreaming my world.
We are dreaming our world.

No agenda.
Out of ourselves.
and together.

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