Minimalism. Or: Freedom begins in your mind.

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Compared to many people in this part of the world, my lifestyle is quite minimalistic. Not much material safety. Minimalism, though, is not limited to material things. But, even more, refers to my mindset, my attitude, the way i handle life and its challenges

Years ago, mostly unaware of this, i started getting rid of stuff. Material ballast. Overcoming some of my fears and finding new courage … a journey still going on and leaving me feeling more and more free with each step.

Liberate yourself by practised minimalism, in all respects.

Each object you are carrying through life, burdens you. It takes space. You may worry about losing it. And so on.

This does not mean that i don’t have any material wishes. So many times i thought, i would feel freer if i had more money. Or, finally, my van. My mobile home & raw food café, still somewhere on its way to me.
Possessions, that would give me some comfort. A feeling of safety. Or leave me with more possibilities to act.

Yet – even if i really do enjoy some comfort coming to me: what really liberates me, is something totally different. Knowing, that i AM safe. That this life is taking care of me, providing me with all i need. That the journey will go on, always. That i will always have what i need.

I live from hand to mouth as the saying goes. Sometimes there is more money, sometimes less. Over all these years, me and my children always had enough to eat and a place to rest our heads. I have no idea what will be in a year, or in ten years, in twenty years. And that’s perfectly fine.
Be honest: who really knows this? Even those of you with a “secure income”, a home, a pension scheme?
I am practising the art of living as i understand it: moment by moment by moment. Love. Trust.

What minimalism is for me (amongst others):

Letting go of what i don’t need and don’t want. (Things. Ideas. Believes. …)

Not holding on to anything or anyone … what, or who, wants to go, goes. Even if so often this truly is not easy. Hurts. Takes lots of time, sometimes. I found clinging (to people, or my idea of them and what could be), as well as trying to force what is not meant to be (in this very moment) to be much more painful, and leaving me unfree. And freedom – the freedom to be me and to walk my path, follow my hear – is infinitely precious to me.

Particularly not clinging to anything or anyone because of the feeling, it/they are making me feel safe.
Just to realize, after letting go, that this was an illusion.

I minimize the problems in my life by dismissing them.

I minimize my limitations and fears by facing them. Going through them. One by one.

I minimize stress and feelings of not being enough by not comparing myself to others or their standards. By not judging myself. By appreciating my actions and their results. By realizing that this is my journey, and that i am doing it perfectly right, in the right time.

Of course, i still have lots of things, and are attached to some of them … because the idea of losing them is frightening me. I trust in life that it won’t take away anything before i am ready to handle this.
And yes, there are still enough fears and limitations, probably even more that i have not found yet. That’s okay. I am on my way 😉

Becoming more and more free with each and every step.

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