[su_heading size=“18″]One more Love & Peace Food recipe ebook, filled with simple recipes and inspiration for lowcarb/ketogenic vegan rawfood! [/su_heading]

118 pages, containing a brief introduction to as well the ketogenic diet as what eating raw and vegan does mean. And, of course, tons of recipes! Sweet and savory, breakfasts, lunch and dinner, snacks, fancy cakes, and candy.

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The ebook includes:
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  • A brief introduction to the ketogenic diet and the raw vegan diet.
  • Helpful hints for preparation and equipment you’ll need.
  • Recommended suppliers for some of the ingredients i use. (Most are fresh produce which you will find at your farmers‘ market.)
  • LOTS of recipes, more than 80 simple, rawvegan, lowcarb recipes. With photos.
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[su_row][su_column size=“1/2″]Sweet recipes:

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  • Breakfasts
  • Drinks
  • Fancy cakes
  • Candy
[/su_list][/su_column] [su_column size=“1/2″]Savory recipes:

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  • Salads
  • Dipps
  • Tacos
  • Pasta … and a lot more!
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This ebook is for you, if …
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  • … you are looking for simple, lowcarb, raw, vegan recipes.
  • … you want to check out the ketogenic way to eat raw.
  • … you already are (and want to stay) raw or vegan and looking for a way to eat lowcarb and/or keto.
  • … you are already on a ketogenic diet and want to add more rawfood to your diet.
  • … you are new to rawfood and the ketogenic diet.
  • … you want to change to a healthier way to nourish your body.
  • … you want to reduce your body fat without giving up the enjoyment of delicious food.
  • … you are looking for raw recipes to keep you satisfied for hours and to give you enough power for an active lifestyle.
  • … you are looking for delicious, nutritious raw recipes; high in nutritients yet made from few ingredients.
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I love to design my food, to arrange it with love and to create new recipes. As so many of you asked for recipes when i posted my food pics, i decided to make a new ebook with all the wonderful recipes of the last months.

I have been eating raw and vegan for more than 12 years now (started in spring 2006 – and never get enough of it 😀 ), and keto for about 6 months, starting in spring 2018. All recipes are very simple to prepare, thus being perfect for rawfood beginners as well as for experienced rawfoodists, looking for new inspiration for their every day meals.

[su_heading size=“16″]You will get an EBOOK (PDF)! You can read it with your tablet, smartphone, computer, or print it on paper, if you’d prefer that. [/su_heading]

YES! I want to have the eBook „Keto. Raw. Vegan.“
for only EUR 17,99

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(Du möchtest lieber das deutsche eBook? Hier klicken!)