Trust your instinct!

Each wild animal living in nature will choose their food following their instinct; they know without doubt, what food is best for their body. We, as humans, also have this instinct, body’s wisdom, this inner knowledge – but it may be buried deeply after years of conditioning in the modern, “civilized” (= seperated from nature) society with processed and artificial so-called food, and our food choices are quite often based upon addictions and/or emotional stuff: eating for stimulation, comfort, boredom, as reward, or for whatever reason but the one: our body being hungry, in need for food.

Added the fact, that we are surrounded by non-natural food, we were taught to accept as “good” for us.

Good news is: we can find back to a natural relationship with food!

We can learn to release all these internalized beliefs, connecting food to comfort, sex, rewards, or social approval. And thereby will rediscover the only relationship with food we actually need: eating to live, to nourish our body. Eating food that will strengthen us and preserve our vitality instead of shortening our lives.

How to find back to a natural, instinctive relation with food?

Transitioning to raw is a good one to start with. Next step: don’t use any spices, salt, processed stuff or extracts like oil, agave nectar etc. – as all of these will manipulate our instinct, keeping it from identifying what and how much our body actually needs. Even if it should be “really raw” – how much life is left in oils? How could our body know if what we eat is what it neeeds, if we falsify the natural taste by adding spices or salt? Raw and unprocessed – that’s how our food is meant to be!

Avoid any kind of processed food – including dried, mixed, blended food. Again, have a look at wild animals. They are showing us the way to an instinctive, natural diet: Mono meals. Only then, enjoying our food mono, on its own, not mixed, not processed, we really feel what we need. And how much – it’s almost impossible to overeat with a mono meal. Taste will change, to not that great anymore or even awkward – and you will know, that it is enough.

Eating mixed meals, there won’t be such a clear sign. So, ideally you would eat only one kind of food per meal. Or, at least, only one kind of food at the same time. Finishing your tomatoes before going on with the avocado, e. g..

Using spices, salt, or mixing food will make your body accept food it would not like on its own. Like, if that fruit is not ripe, does not taste good – do not eat it! Instead of mixing in some banana for more sweetness and eating it anyway.

Your sense of taste has a meaning! Same as your sense of smell, btw. Smell your (unprocessed!) food – don’t feel attracted by the smell? Then don’t eat it! Taste your (unprocessed) food – don’t like the taste? Your body does not need nor want it! These senses are there for us to not poison ourselves accidentally. Ignoring these signs is nothing but absurd!

Practise self love – take good care for your body, your health!

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