Who you really are – What this is all about

All your life they have been telling you that you are small.
Not enough.
Or too much.
Weak and powerless.
Not worth it.
That you are limited, and that what you want is not possible.
That you will fail.

Life is hard.
You have to work hard to earn love
and worth.
Chasing luck.

That’s how life is, they said.
No way to change it.

But … NONE of all this is true!!!

In all times, the truth could be found … in the mirror.
Exactly the opposite of all they tried to teach you is true.

You are an infinite, powerful, free being of pure love. You are the miracle of life itself. You, and only you, decide how your world, your life will look like. You are that unimaginably big … far beyond everything you ever read or heard.

And that’s exactly what all this is all about. Everything happening right now.

This truth, you and many others drew nearer and nearer during the last years; this truth that surfaced, that urged us to see it, hear it, feel it – you are not supposed to realize this. This tremendous, powerful truth of your true being.

That you are FREE. PURE LOVE. MAGIC. That magic, far beyond the imagination of your mind.

They want you to stay imprisoned, keep working in the rat-race, to support other, not beneficial, forces, that are in need of your body and your energy.

But – they are not half as powerful as you are!

Now is the time to realize this!

And act right from this recognition of our true selves.

All those who already have been recognizing this, living accordingly … they are touching some truth deep inside yourself. They are awaking you.

And the old system dissolves. Passes. Giving way to the new all of us are dreaming into reality right now.

Can you see it?
Can you feel it?

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