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Making excuses. Or: Stop trying. Do it.

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Do it. NOW. Stop smoking, drinking, eating that stuff you don’t want to have in your body anymore. Get out there & move your body. Leave your job. Or start this new one. Travel. Or settle, if this is what you want to do. End this relationship that does not speak to your heart anymore. Dare to be alone. (You will never be alone anyway.) Take the risk to open your heart. For friendship. For love. For those new beginnings, frightening you. Risk all that you fear to lose. Do what your heart wants to do. Say yes, if you want yes. Say no if you don’t. Or take your time to find out if it is yes or no. Dare to disappoint others – but stay true to yourself.

But: No more excuses. Be honest. To yourself, to others. There is nothing really holding you back. Except of … your thoughts, your emotions. Maybe fear. Guilty feelings. Shame. So what? It’s okay to feel all these. But don’t let them stop you!!!

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