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Nut Nougat Chocolate Cream, Raw, Vegan, Keto/Lowcarb – Recipe

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No matter, how much i have to do (and there is a lot these days), i do eat at some point in between. So new recipes are coming up all the time. Lately, i created this new variation of a raw, vegan, lowcarb (keto!) nut nougat cream. One more RawTella. Delicious and absolutely addictive 🙂 … yet much better for your body than all these nut nougat creams your supermarket offers. And sometimes it just has to be chocolate, no?! 😉

This is a very fresh version of RawTella, so you cannot store it and have to eat it right away. No self-discipline needed 😉 😀

So today i want to share the recipe with you. Here it comes!

You can just spoon the cream, or layer it with (e. g.) lettuce, avocado, berries and enjoy this well balanced, nutritious, satisfying meal, low in carbs and high in vitamines and minerals.

What you need:

  • 1 avocado
  • hazelnuts
  • raw cacao powder
  • stevia powder

Choose the amounts on your own, depending on how much cream you want to have. Use about the same amount of avocade (measured without peel and pit) and hazelnuts. Add cacao and stevia to taste. Feel free to also add some spices, like turmeric latte mix, or ashwaganda.


Start with grinding the hazelnuts. Grind same until the mixture starts to become oily. Take some time to do this. You will want to pause in between and let the nuts cool down to prevent them from being heated to more than 42°C/107°F.

Tipp: Grind a bigger amount of nuts and store in a jar in fridge. That way, your daily preparations won’t take too much time.

Blend avocado, ground nuts, cacao and stevia. You will get a very thick cream. If you prefer it to be more creamy, or if your blender won’t make it this way, add some water.

Finished – enjoy your rawtella as fresh as possible. I recommend to add a handful of greens 🙂

Did you like this? If so, you will find lots of raw vegan ketogenic recipes in my eBook – have a look here!

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