Rohkost Sommerrezept: Grüne Spaghetti mit Heidelbeeren

Super simple raw summer recipe

So this is my absolute favourite this summer, i enjoy it almost every day!

A refreshing and easy-to-prepare dish for summer days. High in nutrients and water while easy to digest and not burdening your body.

In summer, there is such an abundance of fresh food, and it’s so easy to eat local. Also, even those who struggle with staying on a raw diet, ususally find it much more easy to stick to it in summer. So, if you are just embarking on this journey – it’s the best time to start now!

This recipe is made from fresh cucumber and blueberries – both in season right now and therefore easy to get from local farmers and at the peak of their taste. 

Cucumber spaghetti with spirulina and blueberries.

What you need (1 person):

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1-2 handful blueberries
  • 1 tbsp spirulina
  • 1 handful microgreens (e. g. alfalfa)


Spiralize the cucumber into noodles. I recommend to use it with its peel, but if you prefer, you can peel it before.

Add spirulina powder and mix until all noodles are green.

Top with fresh blueberries and microgreens.



If you wish this to be more sweet, simply add some fresh stevia leaves.

If you like a slightly salty accent, add a teaspoon of nori flakes.

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