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Living Foods: Sprouts & Microgreens

What is really nourishing us? Which food is giving our body what it needs, instead of only filling it?

They say “You are what you eat.” – And this is so true. Or, better: you become, what you eat.
Dead food, junk food, toxic food can never build up a living, healthy body and keep it healthy.

Besides what is really nourishing us – sun, fresh air, joy, moving our body, loving relationships, rest – our food is only on the second place. But, it is a significant stimulus for our body. Food can clean, or stress. Detox, or build up. It can give energy, or take it. It can support your healing – or stop it. For sure it is a relevant factor to our health.


To heal is to cleanse. Mucusless Diet.

So called illness, any lack of good health and well-being, are attributed to blockades. Something blocking the flow of energy, thus bringing us/our system out of balance. These blocks can be physical, psychological, emotional or mental; all affecting each other. I. e., psychological, emotional, or mental blocks and imbalances can manifest in physical issues, same as an unhealthy life style and diet can lead to not only physical but also psychological, emotional, or mental problems. Vice versa, an optimized diet not only helps to clear up your physical energy flow but also can help you to solve emotional or mental issues and release psychological conflicts.

“Illness” is not an enemy you are supposed to fight. It’s a form of expression of your body or soul, showing you there is something wrong in your life. You are doing/eating/living something that’s not good for you. Not what your body or soul needs right now.

raw vegan icecream, nicecream, smoothiebowl

Summer, Sun, Pineapple Nicecream Recipe

Lately, i rediscovered fruity nicecream bowls. With having eaten keto/low-carb during the last year, obviously i had not eaten any for quite a while.

Now i do enjoy them every now and then, maybe once a week – though i re-added sweet fruit to my diet lately, i feel better not eating too much of it. The main part of my diet is still made up from greens, sprouts, seaweed, and non-sweet fruit. I’ll write more about this soon.

So, this spontaneously created, very simple recipe for pineapple nicecream turned out addictively yummy – i just have to share it. 🙂


What if a raw vegan diet fails

To begin with getting it clear: for me, the raw vegan lifestyle is the optimum of all diet options. The one and only mankind-appropriate way of eating. A raw vegan diet, designed with mindfulness and listening to your very own physical and mental needs in each moment.

Time and again, people are stating that they failed on the raw diet, though. Or, that the raw diet failed on them, triggering health issues. Can a raw diet, a diet that healing, energizing, and beneficial, harm you?

Not the raw diet itself, to be sure – there is nothing harmful in fruit, vegetables and greens. What can lead to issues is unthinkingly following any advices and recommendations from books or websites or social media – quite often incomplete and taken out of context.

Practising a raw diet by simple following the philosophy “If it’s labeled raw, it’s good.” – let alone the question of how “raw” is defined -, or blindly following the diet rules based on another persons individual experiences, without listening to your own body’s needs, will likely cause issues sooner or later.

The beneficial power of eating raw is NOT to be found in details like taking in so-called “superfoods”, eating sprouts, or strictly avoiding any non-organic produce. Even if you might wish for it: there is no such thing like one unique miracle cure or magic pill for perfect health.

Individual responsibility – this is the key to your very own and successful way to health. Including a satisfying, healing raw diet.

Take back your power – you, and no-one else, is responsible for your health. And you – and no-one else – can actually feel, what your body needs.

I am convinced that our bodies are made for a raw and vegan diet. And how and what you eat has a major impact on your health. The base for perfect health thereby is a raw vegan diet, consisting of ripe, all natural (i. e., free from pesticides and other chemical treatment, gmo-free) fruit, vegetables, and, most important: greens! All kinds of lettuce, kale, seaweed, and, last but not least, wild edible herbs. Naturally fatty food, like avocado, olives, durian, and fresh nuts and seeds, should be included according to your body’s needs. I recommend to avoid mixtures of fat and sweet fruit in your every day meals, though – try to limit these to special occasions. Same for dried fruit – it’s a great substite for standard sweet treats during transition, but can be too much concentrated sugar when keeping it as a staple on the long run. There is nothing bad about fruit sugar, included in the whole fruit, but eating too much of it, mainly in the dried (waterless) state of a fruit, can overload your body, causing a lack of minerals, and keeping you from eating enough greens.

Avoid or limit the use of processed/extracted food like raw fast food (bars, storebought raw chocolate, crackers etc), sweeteners like agave nectar, all these “superfood”-powders etc.. Use these last in moderation when you feel that they are good for you (i love spirulina, e. g., and feel that my body is benefiting from it, especially in times when i cannot get enough wild herbs). Don’t eat anything processed (this includes your own homemade smoothies and other recipes), you would not like to eat on it’s own. Your body’s direct response to a taste or smell of natural food is an important message, telling you, if your system wants/needs (or doesn’t want) this special food. Listen to it!

One more basic pattern i’d like to mention: constantly overeating, or eating nonstop, or eating with being hungry. Avoid this! Same as eating very late in the evening (i. e., shortly before going to sleep).

Everything else, though, the exact design of “your” raw diet, how many fruit/veggies/greens you eat, which combinations will work (or not work) for you … all these are based on your individual needs, and may vary with your age, your lifestyle, the climate, the level of stress you need to master, life phases, and so on. You’ll have to find the answers for yourself. Connect with others, ask, read, get inspired, try recipes, as much as you want to. But never stop listening to your body and it’s reactions. Think for yourself! Choose for yourself, for YOUR body, based on your experiences.

And obviously: there is more than food in life, and for your health. Move your body, get lots of fresh air, feed your sould with what is making you happy …

Take back your power, your responsibility, for yourself, your body, your health! Listen to your body and its needs, and find your perfect diet.


Make your breath count

Do you have a goal, a dream you want to live? And do you feel like not being able to even get closer, or losing track again and again?

Like living a free live, travelling, eating healthy, a happy family, a community to grow and learn together … what are you dreaming of?

Imagine you knew you had only 5 years left to live. Or 5 months. What would you do with your precious time remaining? Think, or better: feel about this! It might be scary. Your mind will maybe try to draw aside, to avoid uncomfortable emotions coming up. Don’t stop, though. Find out, what you REALLY want to do with this life. Or, better, what you really WANT to live.

One Day. Or Day One. You Decide.

One Day. Or Day One. You Decide.

One day i will send out my inspiration mails at time each sunday. (Not monday, or tuesday, or maybe next week again.)

For two years now i intend to make a new videoone day i will do.

Working on three ebooks for months now … – one day i will finish and publish them.

For two years now, a dream living inside of me for many more years has become a clear vision. I have tons of ideas to realize this, and have actually been working on it since then. Getting closer and most of the time feeling to be on the right path. Yet, there are still some ideas i have not even touched … waiting for this “one day”, when time will be right. When i will be ready.

One day i will finally travel southeast asia.
And Central America.
Visit my friend in Australia.

The list for “One day” is long.

Having been self employed for almost 17 years now, i actually am quite well organized in my everyday tasks and my web-work. I am able to plan and have enough self-discipline to follow these plans. Why is it so hard to stay on task with MY projects? They are my REAL work. Action, born from my being. Doing what my heart wants to do.

So – why am i not just doing it?


Live And Love ALL The Colours

Life is about living – and LOVING – ALL its colours.

Celebrate what is. Whether you like it or not. Surrender, and don’t resist, for everything happens for your good. Even if you might not be able to see it right now.

When it comes to your food choices, think of a rainbow. Here too, try to choose ALL the colors of natural food, for each colour comes with its unique frequency, having an effect on your body and mind and soul. Each of your chakras will be nourished, balanced, and strengthened by different colours.